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How Long Should Newborns Nurse?

How Long Should a Newborn Nurse?

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Jul 20
Breastfeeding is a beautiful and intimate bonding experience between a mother and child that provides many benefits to both. There are many articles and books on the subject, and many recommendations differ from author to author. As such, many first time mothers find themselves wondering, “How long should a newborn
What You Need to Know About Tearing Your ACL Or MCL

What You Need to Know About Tearing Your ACL & MCL

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Jul 13
Knee injuries are extremely common. These ailments occur when muscles, tendons, cartilage, or ligaments are damaged. Osteoarthritis is the most common knee disease, in which the cartilage is gradually worn away. In regards to injuries, torn ligaments are one of the most common knee injury causes – with the ACL
What Does a Pap Smear Test For?

What Does a Pap Smear Test For?

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Jul 10
What does a Pap Smear Test For? A Pap smear test, short for Papanicolaou test, is a preventative care examination for women. This vitally important exam is meant to identify HPV (human papillomavirus) as well as early signs of cervical cancer. What gynecologists are testing for in a pap smear
What Causes Pain During Sex

What Causes Pain During Sex?

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Jul 02
The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reports that approximately 30% of women have experienced painful sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia, as it’s called, is quite common. However, many women are unsure whether the pain they are experiencing is abnormal or not. There is no singular answer as to what causes
Quick & Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System Main

6 Quick & Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Jun 27
The immune system is the body’s built-in defense mechanism. A variety of proteins, cells, and organs protect the body by neutralizing harmful and foreign elements. Your immune system also clears dead or “sick” cells within the body to fight infection and disease. Immune systems are supposed to get stronger with
What’s a Normal Heart Rate for Men & Women_ 1200x630

What’s a Normal Heart Rate for Men & Women?

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Jun 25
The heart rate is a measurement of the number of times a heart beats per minute (bpm). A heart rate that is higher or lower than the determined healthy range could be an indication of a heart condition or other health issue. The healthy resting heart rate (a.k.a. normal heart rate)
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