fast before a blood test

Why Do Some People Need to Fast Before a Blood Test?

When scheduling a blood test, doctors often instruct patients to do a fast or refrain from eating for a certain number of hours, prior to undergoing the lab work. Have you ever wondered the reason behind that requirement?  Certain food and drinks impact our blood glucose or blood sugar levels,
drug screening appointment

What to Do Before a Drug Screening Appointment

Drug testing and screening is a standard requirement for many individuals. Competitive athletes, government employees, and new job hires are frequently required to undergo this type of testing to ensure that they are eligible to participate in a wide variety of activities. The UrgentMED Network recognizes the growing demand for
flu season

Flu Season Isn’t Over Yet: Why You Should Get Vaccinated

Flu viruses quickly evolve every year. Keep in mind that there isn’t one single virus, but many different strains and these viruses are so adaptable that the vaccine you had last year will likely not protect you against the strains going around this year. When you get a flu vaccination,
injuries that require physical therapy

The Most Common Injuries That Require Physical Rehabilitation

It happens often – someone is injured in an instant, due to some type of accident or, they’re in pain because a repetitive motion has reached its breaking point.  They’ve sprained their ankle or wrist, pulled a muscle, or injured their shoulder. These injuries may not be life-threatening, but they
march madness snacks

Healthy Snacks to Enjoy This March Madness

March Madness just started.  It is a great time to get together with friends to watch the games. Of course, with those fun gatherings come snacks, and often with the snacks come the extra cholesterol we don’t need, putting us at risk of heart-related problems. However, there is no reason
tick bite

Help! I Think a Tick Bit Me!

Blood-sucking ticks are nothing to take lightly. Their bites can spread diseases and cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, their bites can also be harmless. But why take chances? If a tick bites you, depending on the circumstances, you may need to get treated.  Left untreated, their bite can
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