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UrgentMED Network and the Role of Urgent Care Clinics in Los Angeles

Posted On Aug 16th 2021 , UrgentMed Services
UrgentMED Network

Have you ever wondered why urgent care in Los Angeles is so popular? Urgent care centers make it easier to obtain vaccinations, stitches, x-rays, prescriptions, and routine medical care when you can’t schedule an appointment at your primary doctor’s office for months on end. Whether you require non-life-threatening urgent care or routine care; the compassionate and experienced team at our UrgentMED Network locations throughout California can provide you the medical care you require.

Access to Specialized Care

A great advantage of urgent care in Los Angeles is the access to specialized care these centers provide to everyone. Whether you are insured, uninsured, or on Medicare; we accept various forms of insurance and have affordable rates for those who are uninsured. You won’t have to worry about receiving a shocking bill after seeking care at one of our locations.

Our specialized care includes the following:

  • IV Therapy
  • Travel Medications and Vaccinations
  • Quit Smoking
  • Physical Therapy

Quick Wait Times

The idea of going to the emergency room for a broken bone is stressful, which is why our urgent care in Los Angeles centers treat these injuries. Aside from broken bones, we can also diagnose and treat sprains and strains. 

You won’t get stuck sitting in the waiting room for hours just to undergo an x-ray when you visit one of our urgent care centers throughout California. A visit to the emergency room can take hours between waiting in the lobby, waiting in the exam room, and waiting to be discharged.

Convenient Hours

At UrgentMED Network, we know that people don’t get sick or suffer an injury during normal business hours. Not all doctor’s offices are open past 5 pm, while most of our locations are open until 8 pm on weekdays and 5 pm on weekends. You don’t need to schedule an appointment either. You can simply walk into any of our centers, explain your issues, and be seen by a doctor for care.

Affordable Care for Injuries and Illnesses

You will also find that urgent care in Los Angeles provides affordable care for various injuries and illnesses. Urgent care centers typically tend to be much more affordable than a visit to an emergency room. Some studies have found that a visit to an urgent care center can be as much as 10 times cheaper than a visit to the hospital.

Skilled Care for All

Whether you are insured, uninsured, on Medicare, or only visiting California; urgent care in Los Angeles centers provide skilled care for all. You can bring your newborn baby, toddler, child, teen, or senior parent to one of our dozens of locations for medical care. You can even visit us for scheduled annual physical exams.

Visit Urgent Care in Los Angeles for Urgent and Routine Care

The UrgentMED Network has dozens of locations throughout California to better serve our patients of all ages. We can schedule you for various types of exams, diagnostic tests, prescribe medication, and treat you for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. 

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