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Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Walk in Clinic Long Beach: What Are The Different Levels of Coronavirus Disease Transmission?

The purpose of quarantine and social distancing is to stop the Coronavirus disease transmission. Due to how contagious the disease is it is important to stay safe and vigilant. The virus is not only spread through people who are showing symptoms but also those who are asymptomatic. 

This leaves everyone in a scary situation as you do not know who is carrying the virus and if you get it, you won’t know how you will be affected. This leaves many rushing to google looking for a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer at the first sign of any symptom. It has been shown that 80 percent of people who are infected with the virus can recover without much assistance by staying home. 

Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Universal Precautions

So how can you help stop the spread of Covid-19 in your community? Health officials have created universal precautions for businesses and people to follow in order to slow the spread. The main precautions are practicing good hygiene, staying home when sick, social distancing, and mask-wearing. 

Hygiene practices include washing your hands often and using hand sanitizer, covering your cough or sneeze, and not touching your face or eyes. Staying home when sick is another very important way to stop the spread. As a society, we have not put an importance on our health which means that oftentimes people go to work sick.

If you go to work sick, you are spreading your illness whether it be a cold or COVID-19. Even though you may be fine and are able to combat the virus, those around you may not be so lucky and will need to visit a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer. 

Community Transmission 

You may be wondering why some business locations have shelters in place order while others are able to stay open. The reason this is so is because there are different levels of possible community transmission.

  • Substantial, uncontrolled transmission: This is a large skill and is commonplace in schools and workplaces, for example. This level may require a shelter in place order.
  • Substantial, controlled transmission: This is also large scale but will not require shelter in place. It will instead require significant mitigation. 
  • Minimal to moderate community transmission: Sustained transmission that has a likelihood of exposure and has the potential for a rapid increase in the number of cases. This will require moderate mitigation. 
  • No to minimum community transmission: There is evidence of isolated cases or there is a low chance of community transmission. This requires low mitigation.

Depending on the risk your community is in will determine the additional precautions and regulations officials will take to slow the spread. If you are ill you will need to seek help from a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer. 

Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Visit UrgentMED, The Best Walk In Clinic Long Beach Has

Your local officials may have their own plan for slowing the Coronavirus disease transmission and combating this disease. You should always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing to do your part. If you do feel ill, stay home and get a COVID-19 test. 

If you need COVID-19 testing, visit our website to see where one of our nearest locations is for you.

Local Urgent Care Clinic

7 Non-Life Threatening Injuries or Illnesses a Local Urgent Care Clinic Can Handle

Not every injury or illness requires a trip to the emergency room. There are plenty of reasons why you should visit a local urgent care clinic near me that is part of UrgentMED. With dozens of locations throughout California, you can access superior medical care within minutes from work, school, or your home. Let’s explore seven non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses that can be treated at a local urgent care clinic.

Local Urgent Care Clinic

Sprains and Broken Bones

If you sprained your ankle playing a pickup game of basketball or broke your arm in a workplace accident, you should have both of these injuries treated at an urgent care nearby. It’s a good idea to know the closest urgent care center near your home, office, or child’s school so you can get there promptly after an accident causes an injury.

Allergic Reactions

At all UrgentMED locations across Southern California, the experienced and compassionate staff treats common issues like allergic reactions. If you suffer an allergic reaction that causes itchiness, hives, watery eyes, sneezing, or a rash, you can seek treatment at an urgent care near me. If you have an anaphylactic reaction, it’s best to seek care at the emergency room immediately.


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common issues for both men and women. An untreated UTI can cause painful urination and incredible pressure. The pain might seem serious enough for a trip to the emergency room but UTIs are often treated properly at an urgent care near me.

Wounds and Lacerations

Did you cut your finger while slicing onions? Did you cut your hand opening a box with a pair of scissors? 

Don’t rush to the emergency room to sit around and wait for care. Visit urgent care near me to seek treatment for these wounds. Our doctors can apply stitches, staples, and bandages to ensure the wound heals properly and does not become infected.

Severe Coughing and Bronchitis

A severe cough that won’t go away might be bronchitis. Bronchitis is an illness that impacts the lungs and can be diagnosed at an UrgentMED urgent care center near me. Pneumonia can also be diagnosed and treated at one of our many locations.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Have you been nauseous, dizzy, suffering from the chills, and battling a fever lately? These are all flu-like symptoms that can be treated at one of the UrgentMED locations. You can also seek evaluation and treatment for sinusitis, migraines, seasonal allergies, and many other conditions at our urgent care centers.


It is very common for women to suffer vaginal itching and discharge every once in a while. You should treat these conditions sooner rather than later for the simple idea of living in comfort. You can visit an urgent care near me to obtain the prescription medication needed to rectify the situation.

Local Urgent Care Clinic

Visit an UrgentMED Urgent Care Center for Care

Above all, the experienced and compassionate doctors and nurses at UrgentMED in Southern California are ready to treat many different non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. 

Click HERE to see which one of our locations is closest to you. You can also check the insurance plans we accept here.

Annual Screenings

5 Essential Annual Screenings That Might Save Your Life

Visiting your doctor regularly can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Annual visits to a primary care physician can wind up saving your life. Regular doctor appointments for preventive measures often involve blood work, annual screenings, and other tests depending on your age, family history, and personal health history. If you are unable to make an appointment at your primary doctor, you can always visit an urgent care near me in the UrgentMED Network throughout California.

Annual Screenings


Mammograms are lifesaving tests for women of all ages. These tests should be conducted annually and can find tumors that might not be found via a physical breast exam. The sooner you find tumors in the breasts, the sooner you can begin treatment that could possibly save your life. In fact, mammograms significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by breast cancer in women between the ages of 40 and 74.

Cholesterol Checks

If you check your cholesterol levels annually it can help save your life at an urgent care near me in California. If there is too much cholesterol in your blood it can lead to severe buildup of plaque in your arteries. Which ultimately can cause you to suffer a heart attack. 

There are no symptoms to having high cholesterol, which means that having it checked one every five years starting at the age of 20 can save your life. If you have underlying health conditions, or have high cholesterol, you should have it checked annually.

Pap Smears at an Urgent Care Near Me

Women who are 21 and over should have a pap smear test conducted at least once per year. 

This test helps to find cancerous cells. If you detect these cells early, then you can get treatment in the hopes of avoiding cervical cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that most invasive cervical cancers they find are in women who did not have regular pap smear tests performed.

Blood Pressure Screenings

High blood pressure is a precursor to heart attacks, kidney disease, strokes, and blood vessel diseases. In fact, there are no symptoms of high blood pressure, which is why you should have annual screenings at an urgent care near me in California. Regularly screening your blood pressure can lower the chances of suffering from the medical conditions mentioned earlier. The mortality rate from circulatory diseases has dropped by 65 percent over the past four decades.

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Colorectal cancer screenings can help to find cancer and even prevent it. When you have a colorectal cancer screening annually you can find polyps that turn into cancer. If these are found, your doctor can remove them before they develop into cancer. According to the CDC, more than 16,000 lives have been saved. And 33,000 colorectal cancer cases have been prevented in a five-year period because of these tests.

Annual Screenings

Visit an UrgentMED Network Urgent Care Near Me

If you are due to an annual health screening but cannot make an appointment at your primary doctor’s office, you can visit one of the many locations of the UrgentMED Network throughout California. 

Click HERE to see which any one of our locations are closest to you. You can also check the insurance plans we accept here.

Urgent Care

5 Reasons to Go to Urgent Care Over the Emergency Room

As the urgent care industry continues to expand throughout California and across the country, more and more people are taking advantage of their long hours. And ability to treat just about any illness or injury. As you consider visiting urgent care near me in the UrgentMED Network, you should make sure that your condition warrants a visit to an urgent care center and not an emergency room. Let’s explore five reasons why you should go to urgent care over the emergency room in today’s post.

Urgent Care

Animal Bites

Were you bitten by a dog or another animal while out for a walk? If so, an animal bite can be treated promptly and correctly at an UrgentMED Network urgent care near me in California. Suffering an animal bite might not seem like a serious issue but a doctor should check you out. Better as soon as possible, especially if you did not know the dog (neighbor or family). 

Broken Bones or Sprains

If you suffered a minor broken bone or sprain while walking, running, or playing sports; a visit to urgent care near me at one of the many UrgentMED Network locations in California is your best bet. With x-ray machines at every location, you can find out in a matter of minutes how severe the break or sprain is. And then receive the proper care on-site (wrap, cast, splint, etc.).

Fevers, Colds, and Nausea

Have you been dealing with a nasty cold, nausea, or a fever that just won’t go away? There’s no reason to visit the emergency room where you could sit for hours on end waiting for a doctor to see you. And potentially exposing you to many other illnesses while sitting in the waiting room. Instead, a visit to urgent care near me can help you obtain a diagnosis. And maybe even prescription medication to treat your symptoms.

Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a very common lung condition that millions of children and adults deal with every year. Some patients have asthma that can lead to an attack at any time while others have exercise-induced asthma, which only occurs when the patient exercises. Asthma, if it cannot be controlled by a rescue inhaler, could require more intense treatment. 

Urgent care near me in California can treat asthma attacks. If the attack is severe, the team at UrgentMED Network will help you get to a hospital.

Allergic Reaction

Millions of people have allergies to different things (bees, peanut butter, plants, dogs, cats, etc.). If you suffer an allergic reaction, you can seek treatment at one of the many UrgentMED Network locations throughout California instead of making a trip to a crowded emergency room. If the allergic reaction is severe, we will help you with transport to the hospital.

Visit UrgentMED Network for Treatment Today

Whether you were bitten by a dog, suffered a broken bone, have been dealing with nausea or a fever, had an asthma attack, or are going through an allergic reaction; the team at UrgentMED Network can diagnose and treat your condition. 

Click HERE to see which any one of our locations are closest to you.

Affordable Walk-In Care in LA

Affordable Walk-In Care in LA

Coming down with the flu, symptoms of COVID-19, or suffering an injury doesn’t automatically mean you have to go to the hospital. In particular, affordable walk-in care in LA from UrgentMED can treat many different medical issues for patients of all ages. Whether you need to have x-rays conducted or bronchitis diagnosed, you can receive superior care for your medical concerns at an UrgentMED location in Los Angeles.

We Accept Multiple Insurance Plans

When you visit UrgentMED for walk-in care in LA, you won’t have to worry about expensive bills no matter the treatment you receive because we accept multiple insurance plans. Whether you are visiting for a COVID-19 test, an x-ray due to a broken bone, or to receive a diagnosis for bronchitis, we can help you avoid expensive bills.

The PPO insurances we accept include the following:

  • Aetna
  • Beech Street
  • BlueCross
  • BlueShield
  • Brand new day
  • Cigna
  • Covered California
  • Coventry
  • DMBA
  • First Health
  • Great-West Healthcare
  • Health Net
  • Humana
  • HealthPartners
  • HoorayHealth
  • MultiPlan
  • modaHealth
  • PHCS
  • PinnacleHealth
  • Selecthealth
  • TriWest
  • UnitedHealthcare

The HMO insurances we accept for walk-in care in LA include the following:

  • AppleCare
  • Eastland Medical Group
  • Family Care Specialists
  • Hispanic Physicians
  • HealthCare Partners
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Lakeside Community Healthcare
  • L.A. Care Health Plan
  • Monarch National
  • Prospect Medical
  • Regal Medical Group, Inc.

We also accept Medicare for our patients who carry this government insurance.

What if I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

However, not having health insurance of any kind is no reason to avoid seeking care at an UrgentMED urgent care location in Los Angeles if you become ill or suffer an injury. It is vital to remain healthy during these difficult times. In fact, keeping your health in check and properly caring for an injury makes it easier to work, go to school, and care for your family. 

If you do not have insurance, you should still visit one of our locations when you are ill or injured. As a matter of fact, inform the employee who checks you in upon arrival to discuss the affordable rates available for your specific visit.

Do not wait until it is too late to seek care for your illness or injury. Instead, visit one of our many locations throughout Los Angeles to seek medical attention from our skilled staff. UrgentMED operates the following walk-in urgent care centers:

  • Advanced Urgent Care of Beverly Hills
  • Anaheim Urgent Care – Euclid St.
  • Anaheim Urgent Care – State College Blvd
  • Brentwood Urgent Care
  • Calabasas Urgent Care
  • Culver City Urgent Care
  • Downtown Urgent Care
  • Eagle Rock Urgent Care
  • Fairfax Urgent Care
  • Glendale Urgent Care
  • Hollywood Urgent Care
  • Huntington Park Urgent Care 
  • Long Beach Urgent Care
  • Lawndale Urgent Care
  • Mar Vista Urgent Care
  • Pasadena City Urgent Care
  • Rancho Palos Verdes Urgent Care
  • Santa Monica Urgent Care
  • Torrance Urgent Care
  • Beverly Hills – UrgentMED
  • Burbank – UrgentMED
  • Long Beach – UrgentMED
  • Pasadena – UrgentMED
  • West Hollywood – UrgentMED
  • Venice Urgent Care
  • West Hollywood Urgent Care
  • West Los Angeles Urgent Care
  • Whittier Urgent Care

Visit UrgentMED for affordable Walk-In Care in LA Today

Have you been coughing a lot lately? Are you dealing with a fever for more than a day? Did you suffer an injury during a sporting event or at work? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you should visit UrgentMED at one of our many urgent care locations in Los Angeles. Our experienced and compassionate staff will evaluate and diagnose your situation so you can recover quickly. 

Call us at 310-202-1300 to speak with a staff member about your issue or to have any questions about care answered. Above all, we are open seven days a week with no appointment necessary.