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Urgent Care Near Me: How To Tell The Difference Between A Break, Sprain, Or Strain

To many people, pain is pain. If a person hurts their ankle around the house or while working out, they are more concerned with the pain they are feeling than determining whether the ankle is broken, sprained, or strained. The best way to obtain proper treatment for your injury is to find an urgent care near me and get it looked at by a healthcare professional. 

A healthcare provider knows what specific signs to look for when determining whether an injured body part is broken, sprained, or strained and can then recommend the correct treatment to help it heal. 

Urgent Care Near Me

Elements of a Broken Body Part

When a body part like an arm or a leg is broken, there is a fracture, chip, or complete break in one of the bones of the injured area. A person with a broken bone needs to immediately seek medical treatment by finding an urgent care near me. Seeking immediate care is crucial for a person to heal from a broken bone properly. If a broken bone is not set properly right away, it may have to be rebroken down the line in order to correct it. This is extremely painful and should be avoided at all costs.

Broken bones are identified by extreme bruising, cuts in the skin, severe pain, and maybe even a visible piece of bone sticking out of the injury. The best way to see the full extent of the damage is to get an X-ray and have it looked at by a doctor. If the injured person cannot get in to see their primary physician, then they need to contact an urgent care near me.

Elements of a Sprained Body Part

A sprain is an injury that occurs when a joint is overstressed or even ruptured. Sprains can be caused by twists, falls, or blows to the body. Sprains can range from mild to moderate to severe. 

A person experiences a mild sprain when the person’s ligament is stretched, but the joint is still stable. A moderate sprain occurs when a ligament is partially torn, and the joint becomes unstable. A person has experienced a severe sprain when a ligament is completely torn and separated from the bone, affecting how the joint functions. 

People who suffer mild and moderate sprains may need medical services like rehab exercises for recovery, while people who suffer from severe sprains may need surgery and physical therapy afterward. For these reasons, the best course of action for people who suspect they have suffered a sprain injury is to reach out to an urgent care near me to have a medical professional take X-rays and do an examination.

Elements of a Strained Body Part

A strain is a pull, twist, or tear of a muscle or a tendon. Depending on how a strain is produced, it can be acute or chronic. Acute strains happen when a muscle or tendon is pulled or stretched; chronic strains happen when tendons or muscles are torn or overstretched due to overuse or repetitive movements. Like a sprain, a strain can become severe if the muscle or tendon is partially or completely ruptured, leading to a serious injury. 

If a person experiences symptoms like muscle spasms, muscle weakness, inflammation, cramping, or swelling, they may be suffering from a strain. In any case, a person who suffers a strain should search for the closest urgent care near me to diagnose their discomfort and get the correct treatment.

Urgent Care Near Me

Visit an Urgent Care Near Me for X-Rays Today

An emergency room can be costly and have incredibly long wait times. Urgent care facilities, like UrgentMED, are more affordable, convenient, and offer quick service. They also take walk-ins, unlike most primary care physicians. When you suspect you have suffered from a break, sprain, or strain, it would be wise to find an urgent care near me to seek treatment. You can contact UrgentMED for help finding your nearest location.

Urgent Care Near Me

Why To Look For Urgent Care Near Me For Your Pre-Employment Clearance Exam

You were just hired for a new job position that has taken months to find, but before you can officially start, your employer is asking you to submit a pre-employment physical exam. These exams are usually required when there is some sort of physical aspect to the job, such as driving commercial trucks, flying planes, or carrying heavy objects. You may be worried about how to get this done or stressing about how to get in contact with your busy healthcare provider. 

There is no need to worry. You have other options for getting your pre-employment clearance exam apart from seeing a primary care physician. Obtaining a pre-employment clearance exam from an urgent care center is beneficial for several reasons.

Urgent Care Near Me


One of the most difficult things in completing a pre-employment clearance exam is scheduling a convenient time to complete it with a doctor. A person with a primary healthcare provider needs to schedule an appointment for a physical exam. Essentially, the patient is at the mercy of their healthcare provider’s schedule and might not be able to get in before they are supposed to start working. Additionally, many people do not have a primary healthcare provider and do not have time to find one. When a person decides to obtain their pre-employment clearance exam from an urgent care center, they do not have to schedule an appointment. An urgent care center, like UrgentMED, accepts walk-ins so a person can come in and have their physical exam taken at any time that works for them.

Quicker Results

At an urgent care near me, there are onsite laboratories that can provide patients with almost immediate results. In addition to providing convenience for their patients, urgent care centers provide multiple services from urinalysis to blood tests. Most of the time, patients are able to walk out of an urgent care center with the results of their physical exams.

Top Quality Healthcare

Another highlight of urgent care centers is that they are able to provide top-notch healthcare services to all patients. Because urgent care centers are fully staffed with multiple doctors and nurses, there are enough healthcare professionals to ensure that each patient is given the same quality of care and time to meet their needs. To obtain not only faster, but better healthcare services for a pre-employment clearance exam, it would be wise to search for urgent care near me.

Better Accessibility

A further advantage of getting a pre-employment clearance exam done at an urgent care center is the easy accessibility of the centers. As opposed to waiting for an appointment with your primary care provider, urgent cares offer walk in appointments for all patients. 

There are thousands of urgent care centers available to perform a pre-employment clearance exam. All a person has to do is type in “urgent care near me” into their smartphone and an urgent care center will pop up within the person’s vicinity. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, urgent care centers were increasingly in demand, and it is still the case today.


Another advantage of obtaining a pre-employment clearance exam at an urgent center is that the patient can save money. Most procedures in an urgent care center are covered through insurance and can help patients avoid costly emergency room visits.

Urgent Care Near Me

Visit an Urgent Care Near Me for a Pre-Employment Exam

If you need a pre-employment clearance exam done, come to an UrgentMED location. UrgentMED has numerous locations throughout the Southern California area, and all are able to provide a pre-employment clearance exam, along with many other services. If you need additional help, contact UrgentMED today to find the location near you.

Urgent Care Near Me

The Ultimate Guide To Vitamin B12 Injections: Urgent Care Near Me

Alternative ways of receiving vitamins and minerals have grown in popularity. In fact, one of the most well-known methods that many people have become obsessed with is getting Vitamin B12 injections, and with good reason. The body depends on having necessary amounts of B12 to help keep it in tip-top shape. Also, some of the body’s essential functions are dependent upon the levels of B12 found in the body. Below, you will find essential facts about B12 injections and how you can contact an urgent care near me to get one. 

Urgent Care Near Me

The Importance of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that is integral in several body functions. It has several benefits that make people want to get a healthy dose. For example, B12 helps the body absorb necessary nutrients and increases the metabolism, which can assist in weight loss. Vitamin B12 also helps the body with key functions such as digestion. 

When a person fails to maintain the necessary levels of B12 in their body, it can lead to several physical and mental health problems. A deficiency in B12 can cause a person to experience depression and anemia. Sleep patterns can be disrupted causing a person to feel constantly tired. At the same time, stress levels can increase due to a B12 deficiency. 

Benefits of B12 Injections

There are many reasons why people are choosing injections over taking oral supplements of B12. One of the primary reasons is that injections allow the body to absorb Vitamin B12 immediately. Oral supplements have to be digested by the body before being absorbed into the bloodstream. And, often they do not just contain Vitamin B12. The supplements contain unnecessary ingredients that are absent of any nutritional value, and can be potentially harmful to the person taking them. 

On the other hand, injections immediately go into the bloodstream and contain only the necessary ingredients the person needs.

Urgent Care Near Me

Schedule a Vitamin B12 Injection Today in an Urgent Care Near Me

UrgentMED is the best urgent care near me you can find and can help you with all kinds of medical issues, from emergencies to physicals and Vitamin B12 injections. If you would like to request a Vitamin B12 injection, contact UrgentMED and ask for the closest urgent care near me.

Urgent Care Near Me

How Is A Tuberculosis Test Done? Urgent Care Near Me

Tuberculosis is a disease that is spread from one person to another through the air. Typically, the disease attacks the lungs but can cause damage to your kidneys, spine, or brain. There is a version of TB known as latent TB infection which can live inside of a person without showing any symptoms. It can later evolve and turn into a TB disease. Two types of tests can be performed to determine if you have been infected with TB. You may need to search online for urgent care near me to find a location that conducts these tests. 

Urgent Care Near Me

What is a TB Test?

A TB test is conducted by a medical professional to look for signs of TB disease. It can be performed on nearly anyone. This can include pregnant women, children and infants, HIV-positive people, and those who have had the BCG shot. The only exception is if you have previously had a severe reaction to a TB test in the past. You can take repeat tests if you have not previously had a negative reaction. 

TB Skin Test

A medical professional will use a small needle to inject a liquid into the skin of your arm. You must then return within 48-72 hours to the center that you found searching for urgent care near me online. They will then check to see if there was a reaction. Depending on the results further instructions may be given. A positive test means you have been infected with TB bacteria and you may need to have further testing such as a chest X-Ray to determine if you have TB.

TB Blood Test

A blood test is collected using a needle and is then sent to a lab for testing. The lab will then process the blood and send back the results to the location you found by searching urgent care near me online. It is important to note that you should only take one of these TB tests and not both. There are rare occurrences that both tests can be recommended. The decision on which test is best for you will be made by the medical professional you see. 

Why do I Need a Test at an Urgent Care Near Me?

A TB test will be recommended by health care providers if you are showing symptoms of an active infection or if they believe you are at high risk for the infection. Active symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough lasting for over three weeks
  • Night sweats
  • Coughing up blood
  • Unexplained weight loss

You may experience other symptoms. At the first onset of your symptoms, you should search for urgent care near me online to find a location to get treatment. 

Urgent Care Near Me

UrgentMED is Your Trusted Urgent Care Center

If you suspect that you may have TB or another severe illness it is important to seek medical attention immediately. UrgentMED has several locations and is open seven days a week. We also offer extended weekend and weekday hours. Find an UrgentMED near you by visiting our website and do not hesitate to get the crucial medical care you need. 

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Do I Need Stitches? When To Look For An Urgent Care Near Me

Do I need stitches? If a deeper or more severe cut requires medical attention, search for an urgent care near me.  

urgent care near me

Spurting Blood

Blood is a common side effect of a cut. Most often you can stop the bleeding and apply a bandage to the wound. However, if you notice that blood is spurting out, it can mean that you cut an artery. You will notice that the blood will spurt out with your pulse. If you notice this, you will need to find an urgent care near me online right away. 

You’ve Suffered a Deep Cut

Another determining factor in whether you will need stitches or not is if the cut is very deep. Typically, a cut that is a quarter-inch will heal on its own. If a cut is deeper than that the skin may begin to pull apart. This movement causes the wound to take longer to heal. Blood needs time to dry and it cannot do so if the skin keeps moving. If you encounter a deep cut or experience a wound that keeps bleeding, then you will need to seek help from urgent care near me.

The Cut is on a Joint

Joints like those found in your elbows, fingers, and knees do not have as much skin on them like other parts of your body. For this reason, you need to be extra careful when you experience a cut in these areas. The vast majority of these cuts will need to get a medical examination. 

Redness and Swelling

Redness, swelling, and inflammation are bad signs and often mean that there is an infection looming. You can try a saltwater bath but more than likely you will need stitches. 

Fatty Tissue

When you get a cut, you should only see skin and nothing else. If you see white fatty tissue this is a telltale sign that there is something else going on. It typically means that the cut is far deeper than you may have expected, and extra care is required for healing. 

Your Wound is Producing Puss

Puss is a sign that your body is trying to get rid of something that should not be in there. Never try to squeeze the puss out yourself. You will need to have the wound cleaned, sutured, and bandaged by a medical professional using sterile equipment. You do not want dirt or other bacteria to get into the wound. 

urgent care near me

UrgentMED Can Stitch Your Wound

If you or your child have experienced a cut that needs stitches do not hesitate to look for urgent care near me online. UrgentMED has various locations for your convenience.