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How Is A Tuberculosis Test Done? Urgent Care Near Me

Tuberculosis is a disease that is spread from one person to another through the air. Typically, the disease attacks the lungs but can cause damage to your kidneys, spine, or brain. There is a version of TB known as latent TB infection which can live inside of a person without showing any symptoms. It can later evolve and turn into a TB disease. Two types of tests can be performed to determine if you have been infected with TB. You may need to search online for urgent care near me to find a location that conducts these tests. 

Urgent Care Near Me

What is a TB Test?

A TB test is conducted by a medical professional to look for signs of TB disease. It can be performed on nearly anyone. This can include pregnant women, children and infants, HIV-positive people, and those who have had the BCG shot. The only exception is if you have previously had a severe reaction to a TB test in the past. You can take repeat tests if you have not previously had a negative reaction. 

TB Skin Test

A medical professional will use a small needle to inject a liquid into the skin of your arm. You must then return within 48-72 hours to the center that you found searching for urgent care near me online. They will then check to see if there was a reaction. Depending on the results further instructions may be given. A positive test means you have been infected with TB bacteria and you may need to have further testing such as a chest X-Ray to determine if you have TB.

TB Blood Test

A blood test is collected using a needle and is then sent to a lab for testing. The lab will then process the blood and send back the results to the location you found by searching urgent care near me online. It is important to note that you should only take one of these TB tests and not both. There are rare occurrences that both tests can be recommended. The decision on which test is best for you will be made by the medical professional you see. 

Why do I Need a Test at an Urgent Care Near Me?

A TB test will be recommended by health care providers if you are showing symptoms of an active infection or if they believe you are at high risk for the infection. Active symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough lasting for over three weeks
  • Night sweats
  • Coughing up blood
  • Unexplained weight loss

You may experience other symptoms. At the first onset of your symptoms, you should search for urgent care near me online to find a location to get treatment. 

Urgent Care Near Me

UrgentMED is Your Trusted Urgent Care Center

If you suspect that you may have TB or another severe illness it is important to seek medical attention immediately. UrgentMED has several locations and is open seven days a week. We also offer extended weekend and weekday hours. Find an UrgentMED near you by visiting our website and do not hesitate to get the crucial medical care you need. 

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6 Methods to Reduce The Pain Of An Ingrown Toenail: Santa Monica Urgent Care

Ingrown toenails may not only be painful but can also cause redness and swelling. Many people will try to treat the condition at home and with the right combination you can have some success. However, if there is an infection or the ingrown toenail is severe you may need further medical intervention at a Santa Monica urgent care

Santa Monica Urgent Care

What Causes an Ingrown Toenail?

There are several causes of an ingrown toenail, and it typically happens to your big toe. Some causes include:

  • Cutting nails too short
  • Cutting nails at an angle
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight
  • Toenail trauma

Ingrown toenails can be pesky and can often be treated at home. However, if it becomes infected you will need to seek medical attention at a Santa Monica urgent care. 

Soak in Warm, Soapy Water

One popular and often effective home remedy is to soak your foot in warm, soapy water. You should soak your foot for 20 minutes three times a day. This process can help with the swelling and in some cases take away some of the pain. 

Oral Antibiotics

If you are in pain and fear there may be an infection, see a medical professional at a Santa Monica urgent care for prescribed antibiotics.

Comfortable Footwear

Ingrown toenails can get out of hand when your shoes are not the right fit. If you wear shoes that are too tight, this does not allow any space for your toes to breathe. If you already have an ingrown toenail the symptoms can only be made worse. You should make sure that your shoes and socks allow your toes room to breathe. If you have an ingrown toenail wear sandals or open-toed shoes as much as possible to allow the nail to heal. 

Antibiotic Ointments

Chances of infection are high when it comes to ingrown toenails. A possible resolution is using over-the-counter antibiotic cream. You should use these creams on the toenail three times a day to help reduce the risk of infection. You will also need to bandage the nail after you apply the ointment. It is important to seek medical attention at a Santa Monica urgent care if you suspect your toenail is getting infected. 

Santa Monica Urgent Care

UrgentMED Can Aid in Your Treatment of an Ingrown Toenail

If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail and are unsure of what to do, you should visit a Santa Monica urgent care. UrgentMED is standing by to help you treat your ingrown nail. 

STI testing in Los Angeles

STI Testing In Los Angeles: 5 Tips To Tackle Awkward Conversations With Your Doctor

If you are sexually active, it is not uncommon to have a situation where you begin experiencing symptoms of an infection but are unsure as to what they mean. You should not try to treat it at home as this can make things worse. Instead, you should visit your doctor and ask for STI testing in Los Angeles. This sounds simple but can feel like an awkward conversation to have with your doctors, especially if it is your first time being tested. 

STI testing in Los Angeles

Your Doctor Wants to Help

Oftentimes we feel ashamed to tell our doctor there is something wrong in that department, but it is important to remember that your doctor is there to help you and is used to seeing these types of things. A doctor is not there to reprimand or judge you on your personal choices. Their primary goal is to treat any current problems you may be dealing with and prevent further issues from occurring. 

Voice Your Concerns

You should voice the concerns you have and explain exactly what is going on with your body. You do not have to go into specifics outside of your symptoms unless it is necessary, and you are comfortable doing so. It might be helpful to write down your symptoms before your appointment as you may get nervous or forget. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you can still ask for STI testing in Los Angeles. Getting tested is a preventive tool and a great way to be safe and proactive. 

Be Honest

Your doctor can only help you if they have a clear picture of your concerns. They may need to know some of the following:

  • Your sexual network
  • What gender you are intimate with
  • Your biological sex
  • Your partner’s status

These are standard questions they may ask you about and it is best to be honest so they can best help you. It is also advised to be honest with your partner about your status and results. 

Ask Questions

You may be unsure as to what you should be asking your doctor. Some questions you may have are:

  • What test should I get?
  • Will my insurance cover testing?
  • What’s the difference between an STD and an STI?
  • What are STIs?
  • What will treatment be like?

You should use this time to ask as many questions as possible. You may have questions that come to you later, in which case you can always call your doctor. It might be helpful to also write these down to ensure you get all the information you need. 

Stay Educated

Preparing to talk to your doctor about STI testing can be difficult, however, doing some research beforehand on different types of STIs and their treatment can help you to be better prepared and more at ease when asking for a test.  Being informed of your options can help the conversation go smoother and you will not be left wondering about your outcome. Your doctor may also provide you with pamphlets and online resources for you to check out. 

STI testing in Los Angeles

STI Testing in Los Angeles

One thing to keep in mind is that STIs are more common than you think. There is no shame in getting a routine test or just checking in with your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. You should never feel ashamed to ask for STI testing in Los Angeles. Call UrgentMED at one of our many locations throughout Los Angeles to schedule an appointment for STI testing.

routine STD testing

The Importance of Routine STD Testing

Did you know that humans can transmit over 25 different diseases through sex? With that many diseases, it’s crucial to ensure that you are routinely testing for STDs. After all, approximately 50% of sexually active people will contract an STD by the age of 25, and STDs among older adults are on the rise as well. If you are nervous or unsure of how to start, here’s an overview of what you need to know about routine STD testing.

What Types of STD Tests Are There?

Some STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, don’t have symptoms, but they can still impact health and fertility. Luckily, there are tests available for some of the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. STDs often have symptoms that mirror other diseases, which makes it difficult to diagnose if you’re not looking for it specifically. 

The best way to find out which types of STD tests you might need is to discuss your symptoms and sexual history with your health care practitioner. Based on this information, they’ll be able to recommend the STD tests that make the most sense for you. Don’t worry, because it’s a judgment-free zone!

routine STD testingHow Does STD Testing Work?

The type of diagnostic testing depends on the STD in question. For some STDs, such as gonorrhea, a urine sample is all that specialists need. Meanwhile, for other STDs, such as HIV and syphilis, they might require a blood sample. Certain STDs require a physical exam or a swabbing of your genitals for identification. A reputable healthcare facility or urgent care center will help you feel safe and comfortable during any testing. 

STD Tests Can Prevent Long-Term Health Issues

While STD testing will not prevent you from getting a disease, it will help you avoid complications associated with STDs. It will also keep you from spreading it to future sexual partners. Untreated STDs can have serious health consequences, and sometimes waiting too long to get tested means that the damage from the untreated infection may already be irreversible. Some health issues that could be faced by untreated STDs include infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, liver disease or liver failure, and heart and blood vessel damage. For women who are pregnant, an untreated STD causes a higher risk for ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and premature delivery, along with the possibility of passing the STD to their baby. 

routine STD testingDoes Urgent Care Give STD Tests?

Fortunately, with consistent STD testing, doctors can identify the STD and often treat it with minimal side effects. Keep in mind that STD testing is not a routine part of wellness checkups, so you must request it specifically. Also, most doctors recommend that you establish a routine with a yearly STD test for the most common diseases. For the most convenient way to get tested for an STD, visit an urgent care center. Urgent care STD testing is fast and convenient, and it preserves your privacy and anonymity throughout the entire process.

Get Your STD Test at UrgentMED

UrgentMED features numerous locations throughout Los Angeles, and we can test you for most common STDs in less than an hour. STD testing is the best way to safeguard your health and protect your sexual partners. If you need safe, fast, anonymous STD testing, visit your closest UrgentMED facility in Southern California today. Come visit one of our 18 convenient locations throughout Southern California to ensure you are free of STDs.

viral infection or bacterial infection

Viral Infection or Bacterial Infection: What’s the Difference?

Most people use the terms “virus” and “bacteria” interchangeably, but there’s really a vast difference between the two when speaking medically. Each infection, for example, requires a different course of treatment. So, is it a viral infection or bacterial infection? To understand the difference between viruses and bacteria and the types of infection each brings, we should look at each one individually. 

Virus vs Bacteria

First, let’s look at viruses, what they are and how they operate. Here is something that will probably surprise you, viruses are not alive. They must enter a living cell to do anything; viruses cannot multiply unless they use a host cell. A virus can infect all types of life (animals, plants, bacteria and so on). A virus will commandeer a cell and turn it into a machine that manufactures whatever it needs to replicate itself.  Think of a virus as a complex set of codes – its only goal is to find a host cell and multiply.

Unlike viruses, bacteria are microorganisms. They are alive and can reproduce. Bacteria were most likely the first type of life on earth, and contrary to popular belief, they are not all bad. In fact, many bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts (they help you with digestion). Almost all life on earth depends on bacteria to live. 

Another surprising fact: If you were to separate all bacteria, animal and plant life and put each in a pile, the pile of bacteria would be much bigger than the other two combined.

viral infection or bacterial infectionViral Infection

A viral infection can range from nuisance to lethal. For example, the common cold is caused by a virus, but viruses can cause more severe infections like Ebola or HIV. Most viral infections tend to last from a few days to a couple of weeks. There is a class of drugs called antiviral which is used to combat viral infections, but remember, a virus is not alive. If you try to use an antibiotic, it will not affect it. The word antibiotic explains this – “anti” means “against” and “biotic” means “life”. 

Bacterial Infection

Bacteria are adaptable. While the use of antibiotics is the right approach, its overuse can lead to bacteria adapting and being capable of resisting the antibiotic. There are different types of antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe depending on the bacterial infection. Keep in mind that antibiotics kill healthy bacteria as well and that using the wrong type or an unrecommended amount will harm your body.

viral infectionVisit your Doctor to Make Sure You Take the Right Course of Action

As you just learned, taking antibiotics to treat a virus not only will result in failure, but will also harm you by killing the good bacteria in your system. The best thing you can do is contact your medical professional and follow their advice. If you’re feeling under the weather, stop by an UrgentMED walk-in clinic. We will get you in, administer diagnostic testing, and help you fight any infection. Viral infection or bacterial infection, get a treatment here. Come see us at one of our 18 convenient locations throughout Southern California.