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Fairfax Walk-In Clinic

Healthy Sleep Habits: Tips From A Fairfax Walk-In Clinic

If there is one healthy habit that many people underestimate, it’s getting a good night’s rest. Sleeping is something that….

walk-in clinic near me

Frequent Headaches? These 5 Factors Could Be To Blame

Headaches can be a simple annoyance, or they can be absolutely debilitating. Some only last for a random few minutes….

Huntington Park Urgent Care

Huntington Park Urgent Care: How To Prevent Heat Stroke During Outdoor Exercise

People who choose to maintain their exercise routine throughout the year should be praised for their self-discipline and dedication. However,….

Venice Walk-In Clinic

Suspicious Mole? When To Seek Out a Skin Biopsy at a Venice Walk-In Clinic

If you have ever found yourself worried about a mole that appears suspicious, there are certain actions you can take….

Urgent Care Near Me

The Ultimate Guide To Vitamin B12 Injections: Urgent Care Near Me

Alternative ways of receiving vitamins and minerals have grown in popularity. In fact, one of the most well-known methods that….

Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

5 Reasons to Get an EKG Test: Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body and it should be properly taken care of…..

Urgent Care Near Me

How Is A Tuberculosis Test Done? Urgent Care Near Me

Tuberculosis is a disease that is spread from one person to another through the air. Typically, the disease attacks the….

LA Urgent Care

LA Urgent Care: 5 Benefits To Getting Your Daily Steps In

To an extent, we all know how important it is to get our daily steps in. We hear others talking….

Ways to Keep Healthy

Beyond COVID-19: 4 Ways to Keep Healthy With an Urgent Care Center

COVID-19 doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore staying healthy. If you’re….


Child & Adult Immunizations: Top 6 Immunizations to Stay Healthy

Finding ways to stay healthy these days isn’t easy. With everything that’s going on in the world, remaining in good….

Differences Between a Cold and the Flu

The Differences Between a Cold and the Flu

Not sure whether you have a cold or the flu? Distinguishing which illness you are experiencing can be very tricky….

Boost Your Immune System

Seven Quick & Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is the body’s built-in defense mechanism. A variety of proteins, cells, and organs protect the body by….

Causes of Dizziness

Five Causes of Dizziness and When You Should Seek Help at Urgent Care

It happens to all of us, every once-in-awhile. We get dizzy. Sometimes it lasts for just a few minutes, and….

Broken or Sprained Foot

How to Tell If You Have a Broken or Sprained Foot

It can happen while doing something as simple as walking, taking a misstep or exercising. Before you know it, you….

essential injections

Three Essential Injections for Overall Health and Wellness

In 1844, an Irish inventor and physician by the name of Francis Rynd made the first hollow needle and used….

heat-related illnesses

Three Types of Heat-Related Illnesses You Shouldn’t Underestimate

Let’s face it: we’re busier in 2019 than we’ve ever been before. We’re so busy, we forget to hydrate, resulting….

Ice to Treat Your Injuries

Should You Be Using Ice to Treat Your Injuries?

Age-old wisdom says that ice or heat is good to use for different kinds of injuries – from bruises to….


I Hit My Head: Did I Suffer a Concussion?

Head trauma comes in different forms, but concussions are one of the most severe forms of brain shock. Let’s look….

Urgent care mistakes

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Urgent Care

Illnesses and injuries are sometimes unexpected, striking at inconvenient moments. When you’re seeking immediate help for yourself or your loved….

vitamin iv

Can a Vitamin IV Actually Cure a Hangover?

Have you heard of vitamin IV therapy? According to claims, vitamin IV treatment can help give you healthier skin, boost….

cycling injuries

Common Cycling Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Of all outdoor recreation enjoyed throughout summer, few activities top lists like a good bike ride. Whether in the city,….

heat-related illness

How to Deal with Heat-Related Health Issues

There are several types of heat-related illness with varying degrees of intensity. According to the Center for Disease Control and….

swimming safety rules

Safety Rules for Summer Swimming

From the pool to the ocean, L.A. has a million ways to keep cool this summer. But if you’re not….

summer urgent care

Top Four Reasons For Summer Urgent Care Visits

Summer’s in full swing! Whether it’s hiking deep into the backwoods, cruising the salty seas, or just lazing around the….

safe at your summer barbecue

How to Stay Safe at Your Summer Barbecue

With the return of summer, we can once again indulge in our favorite summertime activities. For some people, summer means….


Three Things an EKG Can Tell You About Your Heart’s Health

The week leading up to Father’s Day is celebrated each year as Men’s Health Week. Making men aware of health….


The Importance of Vaccinations

The recent measles outbreaks in Southern California and across the United States are alarming. Health officials blame parents who refuse….

summer sports physical

Need a Summer Sports Physical? Stop by UrgentMED Today!

Temperatures are warming up and summer is almost here. The arrival of summer and another school year wrapping school up….

my cut require urgent care

Does My Cut Require Going to Urgent Care?

Does My Cut Require Going to Urgent Care? Cuts come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps it was a fall….

Pre-employment Urine Drug Tests

What Substances do Pre-employment Urine Drug Tests Screen For?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] What Substances do Pre-employment Urine Drug Tests Screen For? When seeking a job today, many employers require pre-employment drug….

remove your own ear wax

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Remove Your Own Ear Wax

Earwax is common. Many people try to remove it, but you should never remove your own ear wax. A common….

fast before a blood test

Why Do Some People Need to Fast Before a Blood Test?

When scheduling a blood test, doctors often instruct patients to do a fast or refrain from eating for a certain….

drug screening appointment

What to Do Before a Drug Screening Appointment

Drug testing and screening is a standard requirement for many individuals. Competitive athletes, government employees, and new job hires are….

Physical Rehabilitation

The Most Common Injuries That Require Physical Rehabilitation

It happens often – someone is injured in an instant, due to some type of accident or, they’re in pain….

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks to Enjoy This March Madness

March Madness just started.  It is a great time to get together with friends to watch the games. Of course,….

dangerous bug bites

The Three Most Dangerous Bug Bites and Stings

There’s no shortage of dangerous bugs out there. Many of them are local to certain geographical locations. For example, the….

tick bite

Help! I Think a Tick Bit Me!

Blood-sucking ticks are nothing to take lightly. Their bites can spread diseases and cause allergic reactions. On the other hand,….

sports physical

When Is the Best Time to Get a Sports Physical?

Children love sports, and that’s a good thing. But way too often, we hear about a student becoming ill, or….

urgent care for strep throat

Should You Visit UrgentMED for Strep Throat?

We’ve all experienced a sore, scratchy throat, which is often a sign of something worse to come – a cold,….

Thanksgiving Day Urgent Care Visits

Five Reasons for Thanksgiving Day Urgent Care Visits

A gathering of family and friends, sharing laughs and stories over an impressive food festival, Thanksgiving is undeniably one of….

Medical Care for a Headache

When to Seek Medical Care for a Headache

A headache can strike without warning – some much more serious than others.  And there are many types of headaches:….

Blood Pressure Numbers

What Do My Blood Pressure Numbers Mean and How Can I Lower Them?

When you go for a check-up, or any medical appointment, a nurse or other medical professional typically takes your blood….

help with back pain

How Can Urgent Care Help with Back Pain?

Do you need Help with Back Pain? If you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone. Back pain is one of….

tests all women should take

Top 5 Medical Tests All Women Should Take

The Most Important Medical Tests All Women Should Take September is Gynecological Awareness Month, which means we’ll be highlighting female-oriented….

visit an urgent care clinic

The Most Common Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

The Best (and Most Common) Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic According to U.S News, the number one reason….

urgent care be primary care

Can Urgent Care be Primary Care?

Urgent Care vs Your Primary Physician Determining whether urgent care can serve as primary care is a common inquiry in….

tearing your acl

What You Need to Know About Tearing Your ACL & MCL

Knee injuries are extremely common. These ailments occur when you damage muscles, tendons, cartilage, or ligaments. Osteoarthritis is the most….

normal heart rate

What’s a Normal Heart Rate for Men & Women?

The heart rate is a measurement of the number of times a heart beats per minute (bpm). A heart rate….

kidney cyst causes

Kidney Cyst Causes & Treatment

Renal cysts, otherwise known as kidney cysts, are growths that are fairly common in older adults. The are two types….

stay hydrated

Tips & Tricks to Get & Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated: it assists with weight loss, aids digestion, regulates your body’s temperature and helps….

numbness in your legs

Have Numbness in Your Legs? Here’s What It Could Be

Imagine touching your leg and realizing you can’t feel it. In fact, you can’t feel any sensation in your except….

EKG test

“What Is an EKG Test?” and Other Important Diagnostic Test FAQs

EKG test is shorthand for electrocardiogram. Also sometimes referred to as an ECG, this noninvasive procedure provides vital information about….

new year's health resolutions

The Top Seven New Year’s Health Resolutions

2020 is nearly here, and like every new year, with it comes a host of New Year’s resolutions for many….

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