What to Do Before a Drug Screening Appointment

drug screening appointment

Drug testing and screening is a standard requirement for many individuals. Competitive athletes, government employees, and new job hires are frequently required to undergo this type of testing to ensure that they are eligible to participate in a wide variety of activities.

The UrgentMED recognizes the growing demand for fast drug testing in Southern California and has designed our medical facilities accordingly. Our in-house medical laboratory allows our medical professionals to perform drug testing within our facilities, minimizing waiting times for patients and providing expedited drug test results for companies and government bodies. Here’s what to do before a drug screening appointment.

What to do Before a Drug Screening Appointment

So, what should you do before you attend a drug screening appointment at UrgentMED?

  • Make sure to have your government-issued ID with you, as it will be required for verification.
  • Abstain from any drugs or alcohol.
  • Bring any paperwork that your employer or agency requesting the drug test requires.
  • If you are required to fast before your drug screening, avoid all food and drink for the time-frame designated for your test.
  • Bring a copy of your medical insurance, if applicable.

drug screening appointment instructionsFor a full understanding of what you will need to do before a drug test or screening, contact a member of UrgentMED today.

What to Expect During the Drug Screening Process?

UrgentMED drug screenings involve a two-step process. Both initial (immunoassay) and confirmatory (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) tests are the methods used to test for drugs. Combining both of these tests allows for accurate testing and a lower chance of false positives – a win for both employers and those being tested.

The immunoassay test is performed first and is used as a primary screening method. If this test is negative, no further testing is needed, and the results are reported to employers as negative. If, however, the sample is positive, an additional GC-MS test is performed on a separate portion of the biological sample, either blood, urine or saliva. This test allows for a much more specific analysis, meaning the testers will be able to identify the type and quantities of drug present in the person’s system.

Let UrgentMED Perform Your Drug Screenings

UrgentMED offers all of your urgent care needs at all of our full-service walk-in clinics. This includes medical testing and drug screenings for new employees and those who are required to undergo testing for activities and events.

At our 16 convenient urgent care facilities, licensed physicians are on hand seven days a week to perform medical examinations and diagnose ailments with no appointment required. The clinics of UrgentMED offer the most convenient medical laboratory testing services in greater Los Angeles and Southern California areas. With free parking, no appointment required, and a team of highly-skilled doctors, we can provide you with convenient, fast, and reliable care. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to find a clinic near you.