Common Cycling Injuries and How to Avoid Them

common cycling injuries

Of all outdoor recreation enjoyed throughout summer, few activities top lists like a good bike ride. Whether in the city, on the beach, down the hills, or up to the mountains, biking is a great way to get both exercise and a breath of fresh air, all while saving your wallet a trip to the gas station. Before you hop on and get those pedals moving, however, it’s important to prepare yourself in order to prevent bodily harm. Here are a few common cycling injuries, and some tips on how to keep safe and happy during a ride.

Lower Back Pain

Riding can require you to maintain a hunching position, often for extended periods of time. If a cycle isn’t adjusted properly, or simply isn’t the right size for you, this can result in lower back pain. Moreover, if you already lack good flexibility, the combination is almost certain to produce an aching back. To help keep your back feeling good as new, make sure your bike’s frame is the proper length for you, and be sure to adjust both the seat and handlebars to a comfortable position. And, like when doing any exercise, be sure to warm up appropriately by stretching and loosening your muscles.

lower back painKnee Injuries

You don’t have to fall and scrape your knee to hurt it while riding a bike. In fact, of all potential cycling injuries, the most commonly reported ones are knee-related, and they usually happen without anyone taking a tumble. Instead, these injuries tend to occur from a combination of over-exertion and ill-fitting equipment. Something as simple as the angle of your seat can, in fact, have a large effect on the movement of your legs and how they are pedaling. Similar to preventing back pain, a well-sized bike and correctly adjusted components can dramatically help your knees from getting damaged. 

Muscle Fatigue

While biking can certainly provide thrill-seekers a healthy dose of adrenaline, it’s vital to remember that many of your muscles are working the whole time, regardless of whether you’re gliding down the boardwalk or pedaling up a hill then winding down one. Strains, sprains, and pulls are ailments often courtesy of a bike ride that might have been too difficult or just too lengthy. Knowing your physical limitations can be helpful for preventing muscle fatigue. To better know your personal limits and receive helpful recommendations and suggestions on physical activity, you can visit us here at UrgentMED, seven days a week, for a physical with one of our friendly and professional staff members, no appointment necessary.

muscle fatigueGet The Medical Attention You Need from UrgentMED

If you’ve had a cycling injury, or are suffering unrelated but uncomfortable body pain in your knees, back, neck, or anywhere else, our UrgentMED clinics are here to serve you. At each of our 18 walk-in friendly locations around Southern California, you can count on fast, affordable emergency care from highly-skilled and compassionate professionals. We offer hours throughout weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Find an UrgentMED location near you by visiting us online.