Four Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Urgent Care

urgent care mistakes

Illnesses and injuries are sometimes unexpected, striking at inconvenient moments. When you’re seeking immediate care for yourself or your loved ones, you’re likely to visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility. In cases of non-emergencies, you might elect to visit an urgent care facility for immediate care since getting an appointment with your regular physician can take several days. By planning ahead, you can help avoid mistakes that can cost you extra time and money to get treatment.

#1: Forgetting Important Information

Most healthcare providers will ask you to provide identification and proof of medical insurance before providing treatment. Make sure to bring yours with you. You should also know if your insurance plan allows for urgent care coverage, and which urgent care clinics near you accept it. Being prepared and knowledgeable about your insurance information can help you avoid being hit by an unexpected bill later. 

#2: Avoiding Clinics Without MDs

It’s a common misconception that a medical doctor (MD) is the only person that can treat you. In reality, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at urgent care centers are highly knowledgeable and can offer great treatment, diagnosis, and care. That said, at virtually every UrgentMED location, you can count on being seen and examined by a medical doctor, rather than a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner like you would at other medical clinics. 

#3: Not Knowing the Difference Between the ER and Urgent Care

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not understanding the difference between an urgent care center and the emergency room. While urgent care clinics are able to treat some of the same conditions that an emergency room can, it does not generally deal with lethal injuries or diseases. If you sustain a life-threatening injury or illness, you should call 911 or visit an emergency room immediately. However, if you’ve experienced a small accident or a minor illness, you should consider going to urgent care for treatment. While an emergency room can treat the small stuff too, you’ll have a shorter wait time in an urgent care center.  

#4: Not Locating Your Closest Urgent Care Center Now

Interest in the on-demand and affordable care that urgent care centers offer has been rapidly growing. In November 2018, there were 8,744 urgent care clinics in the United States, according to the Urgent Care Association. That means there is a great urgent care center that is covered by your medical insurance near you. By knowing these centers, you’ll save time and money when you require care. 

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