Walk in Clinic Near Me: Can COVID-19 be Transmitted Through Feces or Urine?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact California, the rest of the United States, and the entire world. Even when it has shown signs of slowing down, new variants arise that have scientists, doctors, and emergency services personnel worried about new spikes in cases. 

As you continue to monitor the pandemic, you might wonder if COVID-19 can be transmitted through feces or urine. We will explore that topic and what you can do to remain healthy and safe throughout such trying times. If you are feeling ill, visit a walk in clinic near me in the UrgentMED family for care or to undergo a COVID-19 test.

Is COVID-19 Found in Feces?

Many patients who visit a walk in clinic in California often ask if COVID-19 is found in feces. The simple answer is yes. But, can the virus be transmitted through feces? For example, if you are caring for a loved one because you have no other options and you accidentally touch their feces, can you contract COVID-19 if they have tested positive for it? It hasn’t been completely determined, but it is possible to contract COVID-19 via feces. 

A study from SDSU School of Public Health has indicated that SARS-CoV-2 can replicate in intestines. This has been proven with the discovery of its RNA being found in patients’ feces and anal swabs.

In the same study performed, it was also found that even 12-47 after symptom onset, feces-related samples (samples including from the air, surface, and water) from around patients’ toilets had SARS-CoV-2 RNA. Researchers concluded that many of the patients’ anal swabs tested positive long their their nasopharyngeal swabs. The same researchers have also stated that anal swab testing may reveal more about the infections as well as the necessary length of isolation.

It was also found that COVID-19 can survive for a handful of days in wastewater, which was being tested in Italy at the onset of the pandemic. Because only small samples were taken, scientists believe that the virus transmits less in wastewater than it does in aerosols, droplets, and on surfaces.

Can it Spread Via Urine?

A walk in clinic near me can test you for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. If you believe you’ve been exposed, it’s important that you get tested. Another study performed by the SDSU School of Public Health had issued reports concerning the transmission of COVID-19 through urine.

During their research, they found that ACE2 is present in kidneys — even in proximal tubule (PT) cells — and that many COVID-19 patients had developed acute kidney injury. SARS-CoV-2 was also found in some people’s urine.

In several other studies, however, it was not detected in any infected people’s urine.

While it isn’t entirely determined if COVID-19 could be transmitted through urine, it is advised that individuals should disinfect toilets and urinals alike. Flushing them sends microscopic liquid particles into the air, which may likely cause people to become infected from breathing in restrooms.

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