5 Essential Annual Screenings That Might Save Your Life

Visiting your doctor regularly can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Annual visits to a primary care physician can wind up saving your life. Regular doctor appointments for preventive measures often involve blood work, screenings, and other tests depending on your age, family history, and personal health history. If you are unable to make an appointment at your primary doctor, you can always visit an urgent care near me in the UrgentMED Network throughout California.


Mammograms are lifesaving tests for women of all ages. These tests should be conducted annually and can find tumors that might not be found via a physical breast exam. The sooner you find tumors in the breasts, the sooner you can begin treatment that could possibly save your life. In fact, mammograms significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by breast cancer in women between the ages of 40 and 74.

Cholesterol Checks

Having your cholesterol levels checked annually can help save your life at an urgent care near me in California. If there is too much cholesterol in your blood it can lead to severe buildup of plaque in your arteries, which ultimately can cause you to suffer a heart attack. 

There are no symptoms to having high cholesterol, which means that having it checked one every five years starting at the age of 20 can save your life. If you have underlying health conditions, or have high cholesterol, you should have it checked annually.

Pap Smears at an Urgent Care Near Me

Women who are 21 and over should have a pap smear test conducted at least once per year. 

This test helps to find cancerous cells. If these cells are detected early then you can be treated in the hopes of avoiding cervical cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that most invasive cervical cancers are found in women who did not have regular pap smear tests performed.

Blood Pressure Screenings

High blood pressure is a precursor to heart attacks, kidney disease, strokes, and blood vessel diseases. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure, which is why you should have it screened annually at an urgent care near me in California. Regularly screening your blood pressure can lower the chances of suffering from the medical conditions mentioned earlier. The mortality rate from circulatory diseases has dropped by 65 percent over the past four decades.

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Colorectal cancer screenings can help to find cancer and even prevent it. When you have a colorectal cancer screening annually you can find polyps that turn into cancer. If these are found, your doctor can remove them before they develop into cancer. According to the CDC, more than 16,000 lives have been saved and 33,000 colorectal cancer cases have been prevented in a five-year period because of these tests.

Visit an UrgentMED Network Urgent Care Near Me

If you are due to an annual health screening but cannot make an appointment at your primary doctor’s office, you can visit one of the many locations of the UrgentMED Network throughout California. 

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