Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Walk in Clinic Long Beach: What Are The Different Levels of Coronavirus Disease Transmission?

Posted On Sep 7th 2021 , COVID-19
Coronavirus Disease Transmission

The purpose of quarantine and social distancing is to stop the Coronavirus disease transmission. Due to how contagious the disease is it is important to stay safe and vigilant. The virus is not only spread through people who are showing symptoms but also those who are asymptomatic. 

This leaves everyone in a scary situation as you do not know who is carrying the virus and if you get it, you won’t know how you will be affected. This leaves many rushing to google looking for a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer at the first sign of any symptom. It has been shown that 80 percent of people who are infected with the virus can recover without much assistance by staying home. 

Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Universal Precautions

So how can you help stop the spread of Covid-19 in your community? Health officials have created universal precautions for businesses and people to follow in order to slow the spread. The main precautions are practicing good hygiene, staying home when sick, social distancing, and mask-wearing. 

Hygiene practices include washing your hands often and using hand sanitizer, covering your cough or sneeze, and not touching your face or eyes. Staying home when sick is another very important way to stop the spread. As a society, we have not put an importance on our health which means that oftentimes people go to work sick.

If you go to work sick, you are spreading your illness whether it be a cold or COVID-19. Even though you may be fine and are able to combat the virus, those around you may not be so lucky and will need to visit a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer. 

Community Transmission 

You may be wondering why some business locations have shelters in place order while others are able to stay open. The reason this is so is because there are different levels of possible community transmission.

  • Substantial, uncontrolled transmission: This is a large skill and is commonplace in schools and workplaces, for example. This level may require a shelter in place order.
  • Substantial, controlled transmission: This is also large scale but will not require shelter in place. It will instead require significant mitigation. 
  • Minimal to moderate community transmission: Sustained transmission that has a likelihood of exposure and has the potential for a rapid increase in the number of cases. This will require moderate mitigation. 
  • No to minimum community transmission: There is evidence of isolated cases or there is a low chance of community transmission. This requires low mitigation.

Depending on the risk your community is in will determine the additional precautions and regulations officials will take to slow the spread. If you are ill you will need to seek help from a walk in clinic Long Beach has to offer. 

Coronavirus Disease Transmission

Visit UrgentMED, The Best Walk In Clinic Long Beach Has

Your local officials may have their own plan for slowing the Coronavirus disease transmission and combating this disease. You should always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing to do your part. If you do feel ill, stay home and get a COVID-19 test. 

If you need COVID-19 testing, visit our website to see where one of our nearest locations is for you.

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