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Why To Look For Urgent Care Near Me For Your Pre-Employment Clearance Exam

Posted On Feb 15th 2022 , UrgentMed Services
Urgent Care Near Me

You were just hired for a new job position that has taken months to find, but before you can officially start, your employer is asking you to submit a pre-employment physical exam. These exams are usually required when there is some sort of physical aspect to the job, such as driving commercial trucks, flying planes, or carrying heavy objects. You may be worried about how to get this done or stressing about how to get in contact with your busy healthcare provider. 

There is no need to worry. You have other options for getting your pre-employment clearance exam apart from seeing a primary care physician. Obtaining a pre-employment clearance exam from an urgent care center is beneficial for several reasons.

Urgent Care Near Me


One of the most difficult things in completing a pre-employment clearance exam is scheduling a convenient time to complete it with a doctor. A person with a primary healthcare provider needs to schedule an appointment for a physical exam. Essentially, the patient is at the mercy of their healthcare provider’s schedule and might not be able to get in before they are supposed to start working. Additionally, many people do not have a primary healthcare provider and do not have time to find one. When a person decides to obtain their pre-employment clearance exam from an urgent care center, they do not have to schedule an appointment. An urgent care center, like UrgentMED, accepts walk-ins so a person can come in and have their physical exam taken at any time that works for them.

Quicker Results

At an urgent care near me, there are onsite laboratories that can provide patients with almost immediate results. In addition to providing convenience for their patients, urgent care centers provide multiple services from urinalysis to blood tests. Most of the time, patients are able to walk out of an urgent care center with the results of their physical exams.

Top Quality Healthcare

Another highlight of urgent care centers is that they are able to provide top-notch healthcare services to all patients. Because urgent care centers are fully staffed with multiple doctors and nurses, there are enough healthcare professionals to ensure that each patient is given the same quality of care and time to meet their needs. To obtain not only faster, but better healthcare services for a pre-employment clearance exam, it would be wise to search for urgent care near me.

Better Accessibility

A further advantage of getting a pre-employment clearance exam done at an urgent care center is the easy accessibility of the centers. As opposed to waiting for an appointment with your primary care provider, urgent cares offer walk in appointments for all patients. 

There are thousands of urgent care centers available to perform a pre-employment clearance exam. All a person has to do is type in “urgent care near me” into their smartphone and an urgent care center will pop up within the person’s vicinity. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, urgent care centers were increasingly in demand, and it is still the case today.


Another advantage of obtaining a pre-employment clearance exam at an urgent center is that the patient can save money. Most procedures in an urgent care center are covered through insurance and can help patients avoid costly emergency room visits.

Urgent Care Near Me

Visit an Urgent Care Near Me for a Pre-Employment Exam

If you need a pre-employment clearance exam done, come to an UrgentMED location. UrgentMED has numerous locations throughout the Southern California area, and all are able to provide a pre-employment clearance exam, along with many other services. If you need additional help, contact UrgentMED today to find the location near you.

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