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Urgent Care Near Me: How To Tell The Difference Between A Break, Sprain, Or Strain

Posted On Feb 25th 2022 , UrgentMed Services
Urgent Care Near Me

To many people, pain is pain. If a person hurts their ankle around the house or while working out, they are more concerned with the pain they are feeling than determining whether the ankle is broken, sprained, or strained. The best way to obtain proper treatment for your injury is to find an urgent care near me and get it looked at by a healthcare professional. 

A healthcare provider knows what specific signs to look for when determining whether an injured body part is broken, sprained, or strained and can then recommend the correct treatment to help it heal. 

Urgent Care Near Me

Elements of a Broken Body Part

When a body part like an arm or a leg is broken, there is a fracture, chip, or complete break in one of the bones of the injured area. A person with a broken bone needs to immediately seek medical treatment by finding an urgent care near me. Seeking immediate care is crucial for a person to heal from a broken bone properly. If a broken bone is not set properly right away, it may have to be rebroken down the line in order to correct it. This is extremely painful and should be avoided at all costs.

Broken bones are identified by extreme bruising, cuts in the skin, severe pain, and maybe even a visible piece of bone sticking out of the injury. The best way to see the full extent of the damage is to get an X-ray and have it looked at by a doctor. If the injured person cannot get in to see their primary physician, then they need to contact an urgent care near me.

Elements of a Sprained Body Part

A sprain is an injury that occurs when a joint is overstressed or even ruptured. Sprains can be caused by twists, falls, or blows to the body. Sprains can range from mild to moderate to severe. 

A person experiences a mild sprain when the person’s ligament is stretched, but the joint is still stable. A moderate sprain occurs when a ligament is partially torn, and the joint becomes unstable. A person has experienced a severe sprain when a ligament is completely torn and separated from the bone, affecting how the joint functions. 

People who suffer mild and moderate sprains may need medical services like rehab exercises for recovery, while people who suffer from severe sprains may need surgery and physical therapy afterward. For these reasons, the best course of action for people who suspect they have suffered a sprain injury is to reach out to an urgent care near me to have a medical professional take X-rays and do an examination.

Elements of a Strained Body Part

A strain is a pull, twist, or tear of a muscle or a tendon. Depending on how a strain is produced, it can be acute or chronic. Acute strains happen when a muscle or tendon is pulled or stretched; chronic strains happen when tendons or muscles are torn or overstretched due to overuse or repetitive movements. Like a sprain, a strain can become severe if the muscle or tendon is partially or completely ruptured, leading to a serious injury. 

If a person experiences symptoms like muscle spasms, muscle weakness, inflammation, cramping, or swelling, they may be suffering from a strain. In any case, a person who suffers a strain should search for the closest urgent care near me to diagnose their discomfort and get the correct treatment.

Urgent Care Near Me

Visit an Urgent Care Near Me for X-Rays Today

An emergency room can be costly and have incredibly long wait times. Urgent care facilities, like UrgentMED, are more affordable, convenient, and offer quick service. They also take walk-ins, unlike most primary care physicians. When you suspect you have suffered from a break, sprain, or strain, it would be wise to find an urgent care near me to seek treatment. You can contact UrgentMED for help finding your nearest location.

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