sports physical

When Is the Best Time to Get a Sports Physical?

Children love sports, and that’s a good thing. But way too often, we hear about a student becoming ill, or worse, dying while participating in a sporting event. Many times, it’s later revealed that the student had a medical condition that no one knew about – not even the student
work related injuries

It’s Crucial to Have Work-Related Injuries Examined Right Away

We typically associate work-related injuries with more hazardous types of jobs – a construction worker, firefighter, police officer, factory worker, for example. And while having a job in a more “hazardous” industry increases your chances of getting hurt on the job, the truth is that sustaining a work-related injury can
urgent care center services

Four Services You Might Not Have Known Our Urgent Care Center Can Provide

There are many reasons people turn to urgent care facilities for medical help. But UrgentMED is more than a typical urgent care center.  While of course, we provide emergency care, we also offer many more services, uncommonly offered at other urgent care facilities. We Do It All Right Here Which
symptoms of pink eye

What are the Symptoms of Pink Eye? Can Urgent Care Help?

Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “Pink Eye,” can be highly contagious. Fortunately, it can also be easily treatable.  It’s important to learn more about this common eye problem. That’s why the UrgentMED network decided to share this guide. What is Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye? Bacterial or viral infections cause conjunctivitis
signs of pneumonia

What are the Warning Signs of Pneumonia?

A cough. Fever. Chills. When you think about it, those symptoms would fit the bill for a number of illnesses. But one of the more serious illnesses that produce these symptoms, and more is pneumonia. Pneumonia is a common lung infection that can be mild, but also life-threatening.  Obviously, the
ear infection

When Does An Ear Infection Require Medical Treatment?

An ear infection is caused by a bacterial or viral infection of the fluid within the eustachian tubes of the ear.  There are many different factors that can lead to an ear infection. It can affect the outer, inner, or middle ear. Typically, ear infection symptoms can manifest very quickly.
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