What Do My Blood Pressure Numbers Mean

What Do My Blood Pressure Numbers Mean and How Can I Lower Them?

When you go for a check-up, or any medical appointment, a nurse or other medical professional typically takes your blood pressure. The results are a fraction, with the number typically being 120/80 or less. Do you know what those numbers mean and what they reveal about your health? Many people
wound infection

How to Tell if a Wound is Infected

The body is an incredible machine that can fight invasions, mend bones, and regenerate new skin. Our bodies are so efficient at healing that our wound healing process actually begins within minutes of getting hurt. However, the body’s healing process is occasionally interrupted when germs and bacteria make contact with the
Can Urgent Care Help with Back Pain? Yes! Visit an UrgentMED Network clinic today

How Can Urgent Care Help with Back Pain?

Get Help for your Back Pain If you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone. Back pain is one of the most commonly experienced medical problems in the United States – and not just with athletes. Everyday tasks such as gardening and housework are common culprits of spinal injuries, along with
Top Medical Tests All Women Should Have

Top 5 Medical Tests All Women Should Take

The Most Important Medical Tests All Women Should Take September is Gynecological Awareness Month, which means we’ll be highlighting female-oriented health concerns. Certain procedures like Pap smears and mammography are common knowledge, being frequently and openly talked about in the media. However, there are a number of other examinations that
How to File for Workers Compensation in California

The Most Common Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

The Best (and Most Common) Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic According to U.S News, the number one reason why patients go to urgent care is to diagnose respiratory infections (colds, bronchitis and sinus infections). Urgent care clinics have risen in popularity since their humble beginning in the 1970s,
Can urgent care be primary care? When to go to your PCP

Can Urgent Care be Primary Care?

Urgent Care vs. Your Primary Physician Determining whether urgent care can serve as primary care is a common inquiry in the healthcare field. Urgent care facilities and primary care facilities each have their own set of benefits and advantages – but can one truly replace the other? Both of these
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