Four Services You Might Not Have Known Our Urgent Care Center Can Provide

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There are many reasons people turn to urgent care facilities for medical help. But UrgentMED is more than a typical urgent care center.  While of course, we provide emergency care, we also offer many more services, uncommonly offered at other urgent care facilities.

We Do It All Right Here

Which other urgent care facilities can you visit, and get a multitude of examinations, various diagnostic tests, skin tag and wart removal, vitamin injections such as vitamin B12, plus – be able to pick up your prescription and non-prescription medications? And that’s just for starters. Here’s a small fraction of the emergency medical conditions for which we provide treatment:

  • Fracture and sprains
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Animal Bites
  • Cold/Flu Symptoms
  • Rashes

And of course, there are many more. UrgentMED is a good option if you aren’t sure whether your medical emergency is, indeed life-threatening or not. Plus – urgent care clinics can provide emergency care services at a fraction of the cost of going to the ER. And here at UrgentMED, you might be surprised to learn about the other services we provide.

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Service #1: Examinations

Besides non-life-threatening examinations, you can come here to see a general practitioner – more commonly known as a family doctor or primary care physician. They provide routine, often preventative health care. We do both pre-employment and post-operative clearance exams. We can also do gynecological exams and pap smears.

Service #2: Diagnostic Testing

We offer many different diagnostic tests, both urgent care tests and other tests not normally found at urgent care.  Come here for you EKG and X-rays, drug testing, land ab work (urine and blood). We also perform STD testing, and strep throat cultures (strep, mono, flu testing). We’ll typically give you the test results right here, in-house, and treat you with antibiotics.

Service #3: Specialized Care

Plan to travel out of the country? Visit us to get your travel vaccinations – Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B vaccines and more – quickly and easily. Additionally, we handle workers’ compensation cases.

We also offer IV therapy treatments, which are growing in popularity. More people are using intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy for a number of reasons, including to treat exhaustion, dehydration, fibromyalgia, to help cure a hangover, and to boost one’s energy.

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Service #4: Surgical/Non-Surgical Procedures

You don’t normally associate urgent care with specialized surgical procedures, but non-emergency urgent care surgery is one of our many specialties.  We perform a number of surgeries here, including skin tag & wart removal, wound care, ingrown toenail surgery, skin biopsy, laceration repair, and abscess/cyst drainage.

The non-surgical procedures we handle include breathing treatments, ear wax removal, immunizations/vaccinations for children and adults, injections (Vitamin B12, antibiotics, hormones), and more.

Visit UrgentMED

As you can see, the affordable clinics that make up UrgentMED network, provide a number of urgent care services – diagnosis, testing, and so much more. We accept most insurance plans and offer affordable rates for uninsured patients.
With 15 locations, we’re conveniently located near you. UrgentMED is the largest comprehensive urgent care network in Southern California and offers the best urgent care services in the area. We look forward to helping you stay on a healthy track.