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Know the Importance of STD Testing

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. While HIV is only one of several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), this seems like a good time to review the importance of STD testing. For anyone sexually active, getting tested regularly for STDs is essential to long term health. In Los Angeles, STD rates are skyrocketing, and many people spread diseases because they are unaware of their status. People should realize their sexual behavior does not have to fall into a category referred to as “high risk” for you to contract an STD. Anyone sexually active should know the importance of regular testing.

Getting Tested Regularly

The practice of safe sex includes periodic STD testing. This testing allows a person to not only prevent the spread of a disease to their sexual partners but also to protect themselves from something that could lead to a permanent illness and a shorter lifespan. Some STDs produce symptoms that can resemble an allergy or the flu, leaving the infected person unaware of the problem. Others do not present any symptoms at all. These are the most dangerous as they could be allowed to progress for years with the infected person again unaware of the illness. Some diseases can be easily treated and resolved if found early, but if left untreated can cause severe problems, including death. Regular STD testing is the best way to avoid those risks.

STD Testing Near meBenefits of Knowing Your Status

You can’t tell if someone has an STD by merely looking at them. As noted above, some of these diseases do not present with symptoms. Without testing, a person can pass on an STD to their partner without either of them becoming aware of the problem. Contracting a disease through casual sex can be devastating long-term to not only both consenting parties but also their future sexual partners. Regular testing can avoid this outcome.

For example, syphilis is a disease that is easily treated and cured if detected early. A simple antibiotic like penicillin is all it takes. If left untreated, syphilis will worsen over the years, eventually resulting in severe brain and heart damage, leading to dementia and then death. All of this could be avoided, only by getting tested for STDs annually.  Despite that, the number of syphilis cases in Los Angeles increases every year. 

Benefits of STD TestingSTD Testing Near Me

For everyone who understands the advantages and benefits of periodic STD testing, the last question may be, “Where can I go for STD testing near me?” The answer is simple: the nearest UrgentMED walk-in clinic. At UrgentMED, our skilled, compassionate, and discreet staff is ready to assist with your STD testing needs. We pride ourselves on our convenience, efficiency, and cost. With 17 convenient walk-in urgent care clinics throughout southern California, we provide fast, professional service without a long wait.  We also offer weekday, weeknight, and weekend hours for health care on your terms, for your convenience. Let us assist you with all your diagnostic testing needs. Visit the location nearest to you today.  

The Benefits of Getting an STD Check at Urgent Med Network - Main

The Benefits of Getting an STD Check at Urgent Med Network

Sexually transmitted diseases are surging in California. An epidemic of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia (the most common STDs) has been particularly rampant in Southern California. Not getting regular STD tests is dangerous to your health. These diseases are easily spread and can be fatal if untreated. But there are more benefits of getting an STD check than just a clean bill of health. Read on to see how STD testing can benefit your wallet, your relationships, and even your unborn children.

The Benefits of Getting an STD Check at Urgent Med Network - STDs can be fatal

Why You Need STD Testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend individuals test for STDs at least once a year. You should get tested more frequently if you are sexually active with a new partner or pregnant. STDs affect quality of life and can be fatal if left untreated. It’s important to be aware of your sexual health – for the safety of your loved ones, just as much for your own sake.

The state of California as a whole has more than a quarter of a million residents infected with syphilis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia – the second highest rates in the nation. Earlier this year, syphilis infection rates in Southern California were reported to have increased by 412%. Those numbers are predicted to be even higher due to the number of individuals who aren’t aware that they’re affected. Many cite the reason for avoiding testing is cost-related from lack of insurance but there’s much more at stake than money.

STDs Can Make Sex Painful

STDs can make what used to feel good, feel very painful instead. While some symptoms affect the skin and cause little more than discomfort, some STDs cause burning, itching and inflammation in the genitals. Bleeding, abnormal discharge and residual pain can cause sex to be painful both during and long afterward.

STDs Affect Pregnancy

Not only can sexually transmitted diseases affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant, but it can create complications, or affect the baby directly. Herpes, HPV, and HIV are all diseases that can be transferred to a newborn. Syphilis often leads to premature births. Chlamydia and gonorrhea damage the reproductive organs and in the case of pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

STDs Can Show No Signs

While symptoms can take months to appear after the initial contraction, for many, the symptoms never occur. Due to the lack of symptoms, many mistakenly think they are in the clear. They then go on to engage in sexual activity with others, causing the disease to spread even further. Perhaps what is most frightening is that some of these diseases can be transmitted without sex. Herpes can be spread through saliva and skin-contact, which means it’s potentially spreadable to those whom you haven’t even been sexually engaged with.

The Benefits of Getting an STD Check at Urgent Med Network - STDs affect Pregnancy

Quick, confidential, and affordale testing are several of the many benefits of getting an STD check at any of the clinics in the UrgentMED Network. Take charge of your sexual and reproductive health, easily. Don’t let a lack of insurance stop you from being informed. All clinics that are part of the UrgentMED Network offer affordable rates whether you have insurance or not. Avoid the hassle of hospitals and long waits of doctor offices at 13 of our convenient, walk-in locations and visit today.