Even though I was sick

Even though I was sick, I had the most pleasant experience at Culver City Urgent Care. I got a nasty stomach bug while visiting in LA and found CCUC through Yelp. The minute I sat down, they ushered me into a room and within 5 minutes, I was being attended to. I ended up having to stay around 3 hours to get fluids via IV, etc. but Dr. Sciaroni and the nurses were constantly checking in on me to make sure I was okay and feeling comfortable. Definitely the best urgent care service I’ve ever received and would highly recommend to anyone in need.

Went to this place for a sprained ankle

Went to this place for a sprained ankle and it couldn’t have been any better. Super clean, fast, and everyone was extremely nice and attentive. I walked in without an appointment. Maybe it was unusually empty but I was in and out faster than any other place I’ve been to. Free parking, too!

Seriously an amazing experience.

Seriously an amazing experience. Yelp x 100!! My son & I were blown-away by the professionalism of this practice. Being new to the area, we were ideally looking for a referral to a GP that we could call our family Dr. for the next couple of years. We were referred through to Brentwood Urgent Care by a friend who’d also attended here. I was apprehensive about an urgent care practice but this one took me by surprise and is better than a General Practitioners practice. ALL the staff were warm and friendly and the Dr. was exceptionally knowledgeable and his bed-side manner commendable.

My son had a bad flu and had been in bed for 3 days. Rather than the knee-jerk “here take 2 pills and call me if pain persists”, we had a full Q&A and felt very comfortable with Dr Rastegar’s diagnosis.

Other practices need to learn from Brentwood Urgent Care. Learn the art of service, cleanliness, efficiency, knowledge and overall care. Keep smiling Tania, Blaise, Tat, Dr Rastegar and the back-office lady who’s name eludes me for the moment but starts with a D.

To the Management, your staff Rock the Medical practice industry. Well selected staff. Congrats

I went in for a never-ending cold that turned out to be bronchitis

I went in for a never-ending cold that turned out to be bronchitis and a sinus infection. I had a great first impression with the friendly front office staff as well as the open, clean decor of the waiting room. I didn’t have to wait there long tho, they put me in a room immediately. They got my vitals right away, I filled out some papers and saw the doctor quickly. I was in and out of there in about 30 minutes, which is perfect for this mom of 2!

Amazing group of caring individuals work at this new location

Amazing group of caring individuals work at this new location. I’ve been here twice; once when my mother took an unfortunate spill and another for myself. Both times there was no wait and easy parking. The day after my visit I received a call from the staff to see how I was doing and to determine if I had any follow up questions. Very clean office and I can’t recommend it more highly.

Why is this clinic so clean?

Why is this clinic so clean?! It’s one of the nicest urgent cares I’ve ever been to. I’ve been here a couple times. I just like how everyone is hella friendly and the doctors I’ve seen are awesome. They have an x-ray machine, they draw blood in house, and they tell you prices before they do any procedures on you (strep test, shots, x-rays, etc). Plus they have medications on the spot. Definitely saves me a trip to the pharmacy. Oh! And free parking on the side of their building. Too bad there’s no short cut in the back. It’s ok though. But honestly, everyone working at this clinic is truly amazing. Especially the supervisor/x-ray tech ? Thanks for always being there for me when I’m feeling like crap!

Best Experience Ever!

Best Experience Ever! This office has very polite and professional staff which is a huge plus! As soon as i walked in i was greeted by the lovely Front office staff, had me sign in, took my insurance and seconds later someone was already waiting for me by the door to take my vitals.

I was then roomed and also got a free water bottle while i waited for the Doctor. The doctor who saw me was amazing, very patient and thorough ( actually took the time to explain everything so i could further understand). What’s also very convenient is that i didn’t have the need to go to the pharmacy since they have most medications in-house so you are able to purchase them there(One stop shop).

All in all i highly recommend this place. I am very pleased with this Urgent Care experience. It seriously surpassed all my expectations! Will return if any situation arises. Thank you Torrance Urgent care you were all amazing!

01/17/2018 This was the best Urgent Care experience I’ve ever had. The place is clean and modern, I was seen immediately, and everyone who cared for me was sooo nice. They quickly diagnosed me and I was even able to purchase my meds from them on the spot. Thank you to everyone at HUC. Y’all ROCK!

First I called to be sure they accept my insurance

First I called to be sure they accept my insurance. They actually took the time to check and confirmed they do. When I arrived they created a computer print out of my coverages and expected co-pay. I value their professionalism and providing me with this information because I hate surprises and I’ve had too many times when people have said oh yes you’re covered and then found out that I’m not.

The nurse took my vitals and went over what was ailing me and previous conditions very thoroughly. When the doctor came in she was very compassionate, kind and focused entirely just on me. She was very thorough also. They sent me with the proper prescription. They were even kind enough to follow up on the phone the next day to see how I’m doing. I cannot ask for more and I’m super happy to know that this places there is should I need them again.

I have used this clinic on several occasions over the past year

I have used this clinic on several occasions over the past year. The clinic is clean, neat, professional and comfortable, not cold and lab-like…The staff are always welcoming, pleasant and maintain confidentiality. You can tell they care for people by the way they treat the patients, co-workers and the doctors. The doctors are extremely easy to work with and accommodating. They listen to your problem, don’t judge and actually provide an excellent caring service. I am so grateful they are open.

My mother in law fell and needed stitches and an x-ray

My mother in law fell and needed stitches and an x-ray – I can’t say enough how amazing everyone there was! They were kind, thoughtful and great at their jobs. From the time we checked in to the x-ray person, to the Doctors assistants and of course Dr.Darabi they were fantastic. My mother in law was visiting from out of the country and had to pay for the services and I was shocked at how reasonable the bill was. In the event I ever need urgent care I will go straight to Advanced Urgent Care, not to the emergency rooms in LA. To the whole staff THANK YOU!!

I had to come here last month with a high temperature from the flu

I had to come here last month with a high temperature from the flu. My wife dropped me off and parked the car out front. When she came in the front office she had to ask where I was because I was already in the doctors office getting my bp and temp checked by the nurse. Dr Darabi was great and caring, she did a 10 minute while you wait nasal swab test and confirmed I had B type influenza. My wife got a Flu shot while she waited for me and I had my tamiflu prescription minutes after the test results ( not much other than tamiflu that they can do, and it worked ).

The front office staff were very efficient and nice. My wife had been here previously for a dog bite and they were great to her then as well. By the way we had originally gone to Cedars urgent care, the wait time was 2-3 hours ! We had thought Advanced was no longer on our insurance after looking at our insurance plan online. After sitting in the Cedars waiting room for about 20 minutes we decided to call our insurance and they double checked and said we actually could go to Advanced. We bailed and drove down the street to Advanced, total turnaround – 30 minutes ! I was home in bed thinking wow I would still be sitting in Cedars waiting room and not seen yet ….

I can’t believe how fast

I can’t believe how fast, clean and easy this place is. Everyone is a total pro, very polite, and FAST. I have never experienced anything even close. They are on another level. They are the perfect model of how to run an urgent care.

Easily the best urgent care experience

Easily the best urgent care experience I’ve ever had – the doctor and nurses were all so helpful and friendly, and I was in and out in 20 minutes! I didn’t have insurance, and the payment was very affordable. I would 1000% recommend this center and would definitely come back.

I’ve been to this urgent care

I’ve been to this urgent care facility multiple times and will keep going back.

* Much faster than other urgent care facilities I’ve been to.
* Staff is communicative, friendly.
* The doctors are experienced, listen and don’t make me feel rushed.
* Free parking in the back; usually street parking is not an issue either.

Just moved to the area and needed to go see an urgent care doctor

Just moved to the area and needed to go see an urgent care doctor. Could not have been more pleased. They saw me immediately when I walked in, everyone was incredibly nice and I was out within 30 minutes! They even have a pharmacy there and gave me my medicine on my way out.

The doctor even said that if I have any questions or do not start feeling better soon to give them a call.
Absolutely my new place to go to when I am not feeling well.

I’ve been in bed for the past three and a half days with a severe sinus infection… this was going to be my second trip to the doctors (first time to UrgentMED). I was literally ready for the hospital at this point.

I went close to closing time (7pm), they got me right into a room, started my vitals even before I was done with my paperwork, quick service, and they were all super nice and considerate!

The doc came in checked my vitals again and gave me a few options, I opted for the shots and I thank god they started working overnight. Just as the doc said “you’ll sleep good tonite, he was right! I would recommend this place to anyone with or without insurance!! THANK YOU URGENTMED!!

I was unable to see my primary care and was advised to go to Urgent Care. After registering at another clinic which had a 2.5 hour wait I remembered passing by this clinic. They took me in right away. Checked my vitals, explained my insurance co pays, and my dr was seeing me within 15 minutes. She checked me out, made recommendations for treatment. They even did a follow up call the next day to see how I was doing. I felt it was very good service and the staff including the doctor were all efficient and professional but friendly. I will definitely be back

My primary care physician was out of town and he suggested that I go to an urgent care facility for possible antibiotics. It was my first experience in an Urgent Care clinic and it was a wonderful experience. The entire staff was responsive and professional. I highly recommend this facility

We had a great experience here. Took my 1 year old and the staff was amazing. They have a great kids room with toys and stuff animals. It was a great hit for my child who was in pain, the toys distracted my son. The nurse, PA and doctor were awesome with my child, they were very gentle with him. Great service, they even called the next day to see how my son was doing. Hopefully we will not have to visit another urgent care but if we do, we will come here.

Excellent experience

Excellent experience and highly recommend this place if you need to see a physician on short notice. They have a parking lot in back of the building, which is also convenient. No wait, doctor listened to me and gave me prescription I needed, and cost was exactly as they had explained to me when I came in. They even called me a day after the visit to check on me. Very impressed with all aspects of their services.

The facilities were so clean

The facilities were so clean and I was very impressed with how nice all the nurses and the doctor was. I got an x-ray on a broken toe and my flu shot. They made sure my insurance was covered before letting me know the full cost. Will come back again!

I was referred here by a dear friend of mine

I was referred here by a dear friend of mine. I called in advance To see if my insurance would be accepted. From the initial phone call to walking into the urgent care, I was treated with kindness & care. The clinic is immaculate and clean.I am very pleased with the level of care I received.
The staff here is top notch. I highly recommend if you need to be seen, come here. You will be treated with dignity and respect.

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