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UrgentMED - Urgent Care
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Setting New Standards in Accessible and Affordable Health Care for All

When you need best-in-class care on demand along with seamless access to experienced medical professionals, UrgentMED is here at the forefront of urgent care in your community. In the backdrop of the challenges of increasing health care costs and the pressures the ER system faces, we have made it our mission to deliver dependable and convenient health care at affordable cost to maximize patient satisfaction.

Our efforts and commitment to urgent care for patients is receiving an amazing level of response already. A large number of people are choosing UrgentMED clinics for their non-life threatening health care needs. Our experience is also corroborated by researchers who published a study in JAMA, which showed an exponential rise of 140 percent in the number of patients utilizing urgent care clinics for low-acuity conditions, while ER visits during the same period saw a decline of 36 percent.

Dedicated Care Providers, Local Access, and the Power of Compassion

At UrgentMED, our team of health care experts and staff puts the patient’s needs above all else, while delivering comprehensive urgent care services for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. We combine industry-leading medical technology and innovations with professional best practices and the time-honored tradition of compassionate care for every patient.

Our patients recognize that urgent care at UrgentMED is much more than a local walk-in clinic of the last resort. Patients choose us not just because their primary care physician may not be available, but because they trust us for our commitment to outstanding patient care, no matter what type of minor or serious non-life threatening health concern they may have.

When you or someone you love experiences an injury or illness that should be addressed medically within about 24 hours, you should feel assured that you can walk into the nearest UrgentMED walk-in clinic right away for excellent outpatient care. Our urgent care providers, including a caring doctor, nurse practitioners and medical assistants are trained and equipped with extensive knowledge and skills to offer wide-ranging care services.

Ease of Access to High Quality Care

UrgentMED recognizes that when it comes to health care, the availability and convenient access to care is as important as the standards of care and treatment. However, millions of people continue to face the challenges of limited health care access, especially when they want local, comfortable and affordable care. UrgentMED is changing that for the people of Southern California with our 36 (and counting) urgent care walk-in clinics.

Our prime objective is to provide more reliable and affordable health care solutions to people who face delays in care, long wait times, and the stressful conditions in expensive Emergency Rooms. UrgentMED is driven by a passion to improve access to on-demand care with superlative standards of care and make a positive impact in the communities in and around West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Sherman Oaks, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA and beyond.

Using the Latest Advancements in Medical Technology

We believe that every patient should be able to get the benefits of the transformative innovations and advancements that are taking place in the field of medical care. At UrgentMED, our urgent care clinics are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and tools, including state of the art on-site diagnostic imaging and testing labs.

Our top credentialed health care professionals are trained and experienced in utilizing the latest and proven medical techniques and technology to deliver excellent patient outcomes. We are equally focused on using superior technology and digital solutions for testing and diagnostics so that the most appropriate course of treatment can be determined for every patient.

Skilled and Experienced Health Care Practitioners

The team of health care practitioners at all our urgent care clinics has top-rated professional credentials and diverse knowledge and training to treat a range of health conditions. Many of our treatment providers have a significant background and years of experience working in ER settings, conventional medical practices, or both.

Our doctors are skilled and proficient to handle everything from routine conditions, such as fever, cough, cuts and sprains to minor emergencies and a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures. When required, they will write you a prescription, engage with you for follow-up care, or refer you to another specialist if necessary.

You are in safe hands with our healthcare providers and medical staff who love their job, and are committed to the goal of excellence in patient care that exceeds expectations. UrgentMED physicians will carefully listen to your concerns, address all your questions and doubts, and make you feel comfortable and reassured. The trust and satisfaction of our patients is our greatest reward for everyone at UrgentMED clinics.

Comprehensive Range of Care and Treatments in Los Angeles, CA and Other Cities

One of the key advantages of choosing UrgentMED urgent care clinics is that we are well-equipped to handle a comprehensive range of health conditions. From allergies and asthma attacks to minor outpatient surgeries, we have the ability and the resources to accurately diagnose and provide appropriate same day treatments and recommendations for diverse medical problems, including exer urgent care.

Whether you need the flu shots, an antihistamine prescription, or get a sprain or a fractured bone x-rayed and treated, we offer far greater versatility and urgent cares options compared to a general physician’s office or even an emergency room. We have dedicated expertise to address some of the more commonly diagnosed conditions, such as acute bronchitis, acute sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, and acute upper respiratory infections.

UrgentMED offers several options for people who may require Covid-19 testing. When you have a tight work schedule or a busy lifestyle, or you are in need of immediate care in non-regular hours, you can expect extensive care options under one roof at our urgent care facilities. Our healthcare providers at our Los Angeles, CA walk-in clinics provide all types of care promptly at your convenience and at a cost that you can afford.

Care options and services at UrgentMED in Los Angeles, CA include:

Medical Examination

General (routine health care and maintenance), Urgent (non-life threatening), Gynecological and Pap Smears, Pre-operative Clearance, Pre-Employment Clearance, and School Physicals

Non-Surgical Procedures

Splinting of Injuries, Foreign Body Removal, Injectables (Hormones, Antibiotics, Vitamin B12), Vaccinations and Immunizations for Adults and Children, Ear Wax Removal, and Breathing Treatments

Surgical Procedures

Wound Care, Wart and Skin Tag Removal, Ingrown Toenail Treatment, Laceration Repair, Cyst and Abscess Drainage, and Skin Biopsy

Specialized Care

Physical Therapy and Workers’ Compensation Treatments

Diagnostic Tests

X-Ray, PPD (Tuberculosis Skin Test), STD Testing, Strep, Mono and Flu Test, Lab Work (Blood and Urine Tests), Drug Testing, and EKG

In-House Pharmacy

Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications and Medical Supplies

Cost-Effective and Affordable Care for All

UrgentMED is committed to making urgent care accessible and affordable in all the communities we serve. We offer an affordable fee on all our treatments, procedures and services. We accept most insurance providers to enable maximum affordability for our patients. If you do not have an insurance card, we are here to offer you more affordable same day care.

Compared to the cost of visiting the emergency room or a hospital, your urgent care visit at UrgentMED is likely to cost a fraction of what you might otherwise have to pay. Numerous surveys and studies have shown that the cost-effectiveness and affordability of urgent care surpasses other care options by far.

A cost analysis performed by the Urgent Care Association (UCA) included data from Cigna, which revealed nearly 50 percent of all visits to clinics for urgent care result in a patient cost of under $150 on average. In comparison, the average cost of a visit to the emergency room is as high as $2,250.

This data point is a key indicator of the kind of affordability in quality care that a reputable urgent care center such as UrgentMED can offer to the communities. The UCA report also highlighted that the fact that urgent care clinics usually accept most types of insurance coverage, including Medicaid and Medicare.

When you have insurance coverage, the cost of deductibles and co-pays is likely to be lower when you seek urgent care treatment at UrgentMED as against an ER visit. No wonder an increasing number of people now recognize the quality of care and value benefits that walk-in care clinics such as UrgentMED offer, and are willing to choose our services in place of ER for non-life threatening conditions.

Convenient Hours and No Prior Appointments Needed

UrgentMED clinics are available to you right when you are in need of care. We are open daily Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM and on weekends from 9AM to 5PM. We realize that quite often when you have an urgent need for medical attention, your primary care physician may not be able to confirm an appointment with you right away. We have changed that because we are open 7 days a week and we welcome you to simply walk in without any need for a prior appointment.

Our dedicated health care teams are available to you and will see you within minutes of your visit to one of our urgent care clinics. Whether you need a flu shot or a Covid test at short notice, or need expert care after having tested positive for an illness, or you want annual physicals for the family, we are here to attend to all your urgent care needs.

At UrgentMED, we know that an illness or an accident does not occur at a pre-determined schedule. Therefore, it is reassuring for our patients to know that they have access to quality care at our extremely friendly and professional walk-in clinics without scheduling an appointment online or offline.

Providing Relief from ER Logjams with No Wait Times

When you make a visit to the emergency room, chances are that you might have to wait for hours with your physical discomfort, anxiety and concerns before you are able to see a medical professional. On the other hand, when you walk into an UrgentMED clinic even without an appointment, our care teams will be able to attend to you within minutes. With our efficient and streamlined systems in place, we are often in a position to diagnose, treat and relieve the patient in less than one hour.

Considering the fact that ERs across the state are overflowing with patient visits, especially during the time periods when primary care doctor offices are closed. The reason behind this challenging situation is that many patients visit ERs to seek treatment for non medical emergency health conditions. Patients are not at fault because they have little access to after-hours medical care elsewhere. The end-result is an overwhelmed waiting room at the emergency medicine room and extended hours of wait time.

UrgentMED is changing this scenario in Southern California and relieving the pressure on the health system by offering reliable and timely option for urgent care. If you are in need of prompt care but are not experiencing a life-threatening health condition, UrgentMED urgent care centers are the right choice for you. We also offer free parking for walk ins and other visiting patients.

When Should You Visit the Emergency Room?

While we encourage you to see us at UrgentMED urgent care centers because of the wide-ranging benefits you can get, in certain circumstances you may still be advised to go to an emergency room only. For instance, if you are experiencing severe chest pains, significant breathing obstructions, uncontrolled and severe bleeding, or if someone around you is unconscious, it is prudent to call a primary care provider or visit the emergency room as soon as possible.

For all non-life threatening medical conditions, a visit to the nearest UrgentMED urgent care clinic is almost always a smarter choice. Our dependable quality of care, lower costs, minimal wait times and a compassionate and caring team make us a preferred choice of thousands of patients in and around Southern California. Our amazing staff will diagnose and treat effective a host of conditions, such as sprains, lacerations, fractures, shoulder or back pain, diarrhea, vomiting, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, ear infections, sinus infections, insect bites, and more.

On-site Lab Testing and Diagnostic Facilities

Our goal to provide timely and thorough care to every patient cannot be accomplished without in-house facilities for lab testing and diagnostics. When you are experiencing back pain or have a broken bone, you deserve to receive high precision and prompt treatment. Unlike an ER, where you might end up waiting for hours in this condition, at UrgentMED our care providers will see you within minutes, assess your condition, and have the necessary tests done for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

With on-site lab tests, imaging and other diagnostic services, we are able to cut down treatment time, minimize your wait time for the test results, and lower your costs (because you don’t have to visit a third party for these tests or lab work.) We order these tests only when it is necessary, and when our doctors conclude that undergoing a test will improve your diagnosis and possible treatment outcome.

The on-site tests available at UrgentMED include EKG, lab work for blood and urine, drug testing, STD screening, strep, mono and flu test, tuberculosis skin test, and x-rays. Our practitioners will assess the test results within the context of your current symptoms and general health condition, and utilize them in conjunction with any other medical exams.

Get Healthier Faster with UrgentMED Best Urgent Care Services

UrgentMED urgent care clinics are committed to helping you get healthier faster. When you are in need for care for a condition that is not life-threatening, your trusted choice should be UrgentMED. Our care providers will immediately get to work to successfully treat your condition, and help you save the cost and hassle of making a trip to the emergency room. We also provide great service and care to kids and babies over 3 months of age.

We know from experience that illnesses and injuries occur when you least expect them. However, with an UrgentMED urgent care clinic near you, you can be sure that high quality medical attention is available right away. If you have any questions or concerns, use the online contact form provided on our website.

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