At Pasadena Urgent Care we pride ourselves on Community, Convenience and Quality Care.

Pasadena Urgent Care provides a community-based atmosphere with an emphasis on making sure each and every patient is treated like family. As a result, our patients leave our clinics having been treated with respect and kindness.

Pasadena Urgent Care clinics are located at major intersections and have adjoining parking lots so that our patients can quickly park and access our offices, and once inside we pride ourselves on short wait times. We do not make appointments and we ask that you arrive at least a half hour before posted closing times so that we have adequate time to see you.

At Pasadena Urgent Care we utilize state of the art technology such as Electronic Medical Records and portable Digital X-Ray Technology to diagnose, treat and provide the best possible medicine for our patients. Our providers are all experienced physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians who have years of experience not only in urgent care but also fields such as Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Medicine.

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