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5 Reasons to Get an EKG Test: Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

Posted On Jan 21st 2022 , General Health
Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body and it should be properly taken care of. Physicians often times use an EKG in order to assess the health of your heart. EKGs are able to detect irregularities within your heart and identify potential conditions such as heart failure or heart disease. 

The procedure is simple and uses wires to interpret the electrical impulses that are being sent from your heart. There are several reasons why you may need or want to get an EKG at a Pasadena walk-in clinic

Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

Chest Pain

If you suffer from chest pain, determining the cause will be a useful tool in creating a health plan. Chest pain can have several causes such as a lack of oxygen reaching your heart. Additionally, chest pain can be a sign of heart failure. An EKG can help doctors and medical professionals see the size and shape of your heart. 

A Regular Evaluation

A medical professional may order an EKG if a patient is having chest pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath. These can be signs of an underlying condition related to your heart. When you visit a Pasadena walk-in clinic, the medical staff may conduct an EKG if they assess your symptoms may be related to your heart. 

An Irregular Heartbeat

The average heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. A heart rate that does not fall within these limits can be seen as irregular. If the heart rate is too fast it is called tachycardia, and if it is too slow it is bradycardia. There are several reasons that your heart rate can change and while some are minor others can be signs of serious heart problems. Some factors such as stress, caffeine, and alcohol can contribute to an irregular heartbeat. 

Pre-Surgery Clearance

If you have ever had surgery, then you know there is a clearance process that needs to be completed beforehand. Minor procedures may not always require an EKG at a Pasadena walk-in clinic; however, many surgeries will. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that your heart can withstand the anesthesia and that potential complications are minimized. 

Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

Find an UrgentMED Walk-In Clinic Near Me

If you need an EKG done or are feeling unwell it is best to visit a Pasadena walk-in clinic immediately. UrgentMED is open seven days a week and has extended weekend and weekday hours. Contact us today to find a walk-in clinic near you. 

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