UrgentMED Walk-in Medical Clinics

Injuries, illness, and medical emergencies can happen without warning – and when they do, you need to act fast. UrgentMED is a chain of walk-in medical clinics dedicated to providing high-quality medical urgent care in the Southern California area. A “one-stop shop” for medical services, our clinics offer many patient services, including both specialized and general care for non-life-threatening health concerns.  

Walk-in Clinic Patient Services

Every aspect of UrgentMED is designed with patients in mind. To better provide a comprehensive healthcare experience, we offer dozens of medical services within a single location. Our emergency clinics have medical professionals that are readily available to perform examinations, diagnoses, surgical procedures, and any other patient services you might require on short notice. Our walk-in clinics can fill both prescription and non-prescription medications for your added convenience.  

Walk-In Examinations

Walk-In Diagnostic Testing

Walk-In Surgical Procedures

Walk-In NON-Surgical Procedures

Walk-In Specialized Care

Walk-In in house medications

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