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Urgent Care Los Angeles Guide: Avoiding Injury While Hiking

Posted On Nov 15th 2021 , UrgentMed Services
urgent care Los Angeles

Hiking is a great form of exercise and a fun way to stay active. You do not need much special equipment or a gym membership to pick it up as a hobby. While it may require minimal investment to start, injuries can still happen. There are some hiking-related injuries that can require you to visit a Los Angeles urgent care. However, there are ways to help prevent these injuries and illnesses while out on a hike. 

urgent care Los Angeles

Avoiding Blisters

You bought the right shoes and now you think you are ready to hit the trail. Taking your first steps in your brand-new shoes while hiking may not be the best idea. You need to break them in before setting off on a hike. Wear your new shoes casually around the house or while running errands. This will allow you to pinpoint potential problem areas with your shoes and take the necessary steps to avoid potential blisters. You can use Moleskin or other products to cover those problem areas before your hike. 

How to Prevent Sprains

To avoid a sprain while on a hike you should use the proper footwear for the terrain you will be hiking on. Always tread carefully as some surfaces can be slippery or uneven. You can also prepare for your hike by strengthening your leg muscles and improving your balance. This can require additional exercises. If you do suffer from a strain you may need to visit a Los Angeles urgent care nearby to receive proper treatment. 

Sunburn Can Ruin Your Trip

Sunburn can happen at any time but is easily preventable. You will need to wear sunscreen while out on a hiking endeavor. You should choose a waterproof or sport sunscreen so that it does not come off when you begin to sweat. Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly and is vital to avoiding painful sunburns and skin complications later in life.

Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramps can happen when you are dehydrated and often while resting. You may get an uncomfortable cramp while lying in your tent at night after a long day of hiking. You should drink lots of water and stretch before and after your hike. Even when the temperature outside is cold, stretching and drinking water is a must. You may be able to get some relief if you stretch while you have a cramp. Other times, it may not be helpful if the cramp has become too painful. You can also try to keep your electrolytes up by bringing a sports drink along on your hike.

Bug Bites

Bugs are a given when spending extended periods of time outdoors. You should carry bug spray on you at all times and make sure you put it on before every hike. Bug bites may sound like a small inconvenience but if not treated can become infected and very painful.

Heat Stroke

Being outdoors means you are susceptible to the weather and its unpredictability. Being out in the heat without proper precautions can cause an unexpected heat stroke. This happens when you have been in the sun for far too long and your body temperature rises to life-threatening degrees. It is easy to discount this as a risk factor because you may be used to hot weather or enjoy being in the sun, but exposure for extended periods of time coupled with strenuous physical activity can have dangerous results.

urgent care Los Angeles

Urgent Care Los Angeles Can Help With These Injuries

No one intends to be injured while out on a hike, but accidents do happen. If you have been injured while out on a hike you will need to be treated by a professional. You will need to find an urgent care Los Angeles location to ensure you get the care you need. Contact UrgentMED to find a location near you. 

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