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Understanding Your Seasonal Allergies: Burbank Urgent Care

Posted On Feb 3rd 2022 , Allergies
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Everyone should be able to look forward to the changes each season brings. However, it’s understandable why certain seasons would cause a sense of dread for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies occur when a person’s immune system overreacts to something in the environment. 

People who suffer from spring allergies could begin to sneeze and cough when grass pollination is in the air. For people who suffer from allergies in the fall, their immune system might react to the pollen released from ragweed every year. Whatever the allergy or season, the information presented below by Burbank urgent care can help everyone who suffers from allergies to understand why they are irritated and how to deal with it a little bit better.

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Seasonal Allergy Triggers

To better understand a person’s seasonal allergies, they must understand the types of seasonal changes that trigger their allergies. For example, tree pollination happens during early spring and is followed by grass pollination. It usually happens during late spring and into early summer. If there is heavy rainfall during the spring, plant growth can occur quickly and cause an increase in mold. If this happens, people can experience seasonal allergies long into the fall. Depending on the winter temperatures, plants can also pollinate well into early fall. One of the most common triggers of fall allergies is ragweed. 

No matter what time of year you experience the worst of your allergy symptoms, reaching out to a Burbank urgent care can help you become more acquainted with the various seasonal allergy triggers.

Reducing Exposure to Seasonal Allergy Triggers

There are several things you can do to help reduce the effect seasonal allergies have on your life. One of the precautionary actions that you can take to reduce your exposure to seasonal allergies is remaining indoors on windy days. Breezes, gusts, and other strong winds keep pollen circulating in the air and make it impossible to avoid. In fact, the best time to go outside during the spring is after it has rained. That is because the rain helps clear pollen from the air. 

Another preventive action you can take is finding alternative ways to perform outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn. Maybe someone in your household who doesn’t suffer from seasonal allergies would be better suited to any landscaping activities. Or, maybe you are able to hire someone instead. These types of chores also kick up allergens adding to the irritants in the air. You might want to consider wearing a pollen mask when going outside and removing any clothes that have been worn outside immediately upon entering your home. Contact a Burbank urgent care and speak to a healthcare professional for more information on avoiding seasonal allergy triggers.

Additional Actions When There Are High Counts of Pollen

A great way to prepare for days when the amount of pollen in the air is high is to stock up on allergy medication and take it before the symptoms begin. Additionally, make sure that all doors and windows are closed during certain times of the day. That is because pollen is high, such as in the early morning. People who suffer from seasonal allergies should avoid any outdoor activity during these times. 

Keeping the indoor air clean in a person’s house and car will also help reduce the seasonal allergy triggers in a person’s environment. In addition to high-efficiency filters for forced air conditioning and heating, other resources such as a dehumidifier will help keep the indoor air clean and free of any allergens and debris. For more information on the best methods of keeping indoor air clean, reach out to a Burbank urgent care and listen to their recommendations.

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