The Importance of Vaccinations

Posted On Jun 6th 2019 , General Health

The recent measles outbreaks in Southern California and across the United States are alarming. Health officials blame parents who refuse to vaccinate their children for various reasons. Vaccinations prevent the spread of contagious and often deadly diseases worldwide. Unfortunately, confusion and misunderstanding have arisen in recent years surrounding the safety of immunizations. Let’s review the facts related to vaccinations and see why medical professionals worldwide recommend vaccines for almost everyone.

The Purpose of a Vaccination

What is a vaccination? Basically, it’s an injection given to a person to build up the body’s natural immunity to a disease. In fact, by building up the body’s immunity, it will be able to resist catching the disease if a person exposes themself to it. Being able to resist the disease means the person is immune to it.

How effective can they be? Smallpox killed approximately 500 million people worldwide during the 20th century. The first vaccination (also called immunization) they used was against smallpox. Due to massive immunization efforts that WHO initiated, they completely eradicated this massive virus from the world in 1979. The world is now smallpox free and there is no need for smallpox vaccinations. 

vaccinations MMR Vaccine

Thanks to vaccinations, we can prevent many common and very serious diseases, including polio, measles, mumps and Hepatitis B. In fact, vaccination is the only way to prevent contracting these diseases and avoiding all the complications that can accompany them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the measles vaccine, referred to as MMR, provides protection to the recipient from three contagious diseases: measles, mumps, and Rubella (sometimes called the German measles). As noted above, some confusion surrounding the safety of this and other vaccines has arisen in recent years.

This misinformation is not based upon science and its spread has been assisted by the nature of the internet. Likewise, a much longer article would be needed to address the many misconceptions being thrown around regarding vaccinations. One involves Autism. No medical study has found a link between getting a vaccine and developing Autism. Recent research shows that children get Autism before birth and before they get any immunizations. Another myth says that a vaccine, usually a flu shot, can cause the disease it intended to prevent. Most flu shots contain dead viruses which do not come back to life and cannot cause a live flu infection in the recipient.

Do not let misunderstandings or urban legends prevent you from keeping yourself or your family safe from the flu and other diseases. There is no better way to avoid contracting the measles, mumps, or Rubella than by receiving the MMR vaccine and sticking to your vaccination schedule.

vaccinations Following Your Vaccination Schedule

People of all ages should let a medical professional vaccinate them against diseases. Medical professionals develop Immunization schedules and countries throughout the world widely accept them. At UrgentMED, our skilled and compassionate professional staff is ready to assist with your vaccination needs. We pride ourselves on our convenience, efficiency, and cost. 

With 17 convenient walk-in urgent care clinics throughout Southern California, we offer fast, professional service without the long wait. In fact, we offer weekday, weeknight, and weekend hours to help you on your terms, for your convenience. Let us assist you with all your vaccination and other clinical needs. Contact us at the location closest to you today.

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