swimming safety rules

Safety Rules for Summer Swimming

Posted On Jul 18th 2019 , General Health
swimming safety rules

From the pool to the ocean, L.A. has a million ways to keep cool this summer. But if you’re not careful, there are a million more ways to end up spending your last vacation day in the emergency room with a serious injury. Before you blow your final moments of freedom with that crazy cannonball, read through these five swimming pool safety rules to stay safe throughout Summer 2019 and beyond.

Swimming Safety Tips

Never Dive Alone  

Swimming doesn’t always have to be social. Sometimes you just want to put your phone down and feel the waves. But no matter how relaxed the water makes you feel, you should never swim in the pool or ocean without at least two partners or an active lifeguard on duty watching your back. Even the world’s best swimmers know to bring a buddy in case they catch a cramp, get tired, or lose consciousness in the water. Don’t get caught slipping because you wanted to swim solo.

Dress for the Drip 

Always wear the proper gear before diving in. Some clothing can weigh you down and increase the risk of drowning. Also, use goggles and earplugs to protect against water damage and infections. And always make sure to take your jewelry, gadgets, and watches off, and place them away from the water. Oh, and never feel like you’re too cool for a pair of floaties. Swimming safety is no joke.

swimming safety rules Know the Ledge  

Before you dive in, you should know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Check the water, is it clean and safe? Is your swimming strong enough to make it in the deep end? Is the pool you’re about to dive in shallow? These are all questions you should be asking every time you and your loved ones decide to go for a swim.

Keep It Clean

Don’t forget your potty training just because you’re in the pool. No matter how relaxed that margarita has you feeling, nobody wants to swim through your bodily fluids or dive face-first into your used Band-Aid. Hit the bathroom before hopping in and, be sure to cover and protect all open wounds and leaky faucets. Urine can combine with chlorine to make potentially harmful chemicals.

Respect the Waves  

Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth — and it only takes a little bit to create a serious medical emergency. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in the world, and over 6,600 non-life threatening injuries happen in swimming pools and spas across America each year. With that in mind, parents should pay extra attention to toddlers near the water. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 made up 59 percent of all kids treated for pool and spa-related, nonfatal drowning injuries. 

swimming safety rules UrgentMED is Here for Your Summer Care

Did you break one of these swimming safety rules? It’s OK, aside from following these swimming safety tips we can help you get back in the flow of things before summer is up.

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