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Convenient Blood Testing and Fast Blood Test Results

When you need blood work lab testing, you want a location that offers convenient hours and fast results. The walk-in clinics that are part of UrgentMED network are designed to have a streamlined healthcare experience. That’s why an increasing number of people are making on-site laboratories at urgent care centers their go-to resource for blood test labs and other laboratory work. Their reasons for coming to our blood test lab are likely the same for choosing urgent care for other medical services:

  • Urgent care is convenient and typically open after normal business hours
  • Urgent care clinics are efficient and generally have short wait times
  • Urgent care is more affordable than an emergency room visit


When you need a blood test lab, you generally don’t have weeks to wait to get on your doctor’s schedule. Even if you are able to get an appointment, do you have to miss work to squeeze it into your schedule? At the walk-in clinics that make up UrgentMED network, you can have the blood test lab you need today.


Nobody wants to spend a long time in a waiting room if they can avoid it. At UrgentMED, the time spent waiting for your blood work lab is minimal. Less time spent waiting to be seen is one of the biggest advantages of urgent care clinics and going to a clinic for your blood test lab is no different. Our on-site labs also reduce wait times for blood test results and reduce the fees associated with going to another location.


Urgent care clinics can provide healthcare services at a fraction of the cost of going to the ER. The walk-in clinics that make up UrgentMED accepts all major insurance providers and has affordable rates for those without insurance but still need medical

What Is A Blood Test?

Blood tests are used to diagnose various medical conditions. Blood tests also help determine organ function. A blood test can also:

  • Check your risk factors for heart disease
  • Evaluate if medical treatments are working
  • Assess how well your blood is clotting

Blood tests are common—your doctor may order a test as part of a routine checkup. Blood tests are also a critical indicator of yoru overall health. In many cases, visiting a blood work lab does not require any preparation. In some instances, you may need to abstain from eating for several hours before the test. Your doctor will advise you on how to prepare.

At the walk-in clinics that are part of UrgentMED network, blood tests are performed by phlebotomists who are trained in the collection of blood. A test usually involves placing a needle into one of the blood vessels in the inside of your elbow or wrist. You will feel a sharp sting as the needle goes in, but this isn’t particularly painful. A small sample of blood is taken and the needle is removed. The phlebotomist will give you a gauze pad or band-aid to put pressure on the site of the injection, which stops any bleeding and should prevent bruising. Most blood tests take only a few minutes.

The Convenience of an In-House Medical Laboratory for Bronchitis Testing

Blood Testing Made Easy

After our medical professional draws your blood, it is tested in our on-site lab. Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide rapid and accurate laboratory testing service. Sometimes, results are available within minutes of performing the test. In other instances, it can take days or weeks to obtain blood test results.

Common Blood Tests

Blood tests reveal if the levels of various substances in your blood are normal. Your blood work is a gauge, showing any signs of disease inside your body. A common lab test is a complete blood count, also known as a CBC. The results of this test give doctors a snapshot of your overall health. A CBC measures:

  • Hematocrit – the proportion of red cells to plasma
  • Hemoglobin – the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells
  • White blood cells – the essential part of the blood system, necessaryl for fighting off disease
  • Red blood cells – which carry oxygen through the body
  • Platelets – which help with clotting

The friendly, professional staff at the walk-in clinics that make up UrgentMED network has the expertise and equipment to perform blood tests. Stop by at your convenience for the following common blood test services:

  • Allergy testing
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Disease testing (Sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes)

Most tests for STDs require a blood or urine test, as well as a pelvic test for females. Knowing your STD status can save your life. STD rates in California are at a record high. The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can get treated. Many STDs are curable and treatable.

Visit an UrgentMED Network location for fast test results

Blood Tests At UrgentMED

In addition to blood work lab services, the walk-in clinics of UrgentMED network provide top-notch care for a wide variety of non-emergency medical problems with little to no wait times. There are 14 of our convenient walk-in urgent care clinics located throughout Southern California:

With weekday, weeknight, and weekend hours, the walk-in clinics of UrgentMED make receiving exceptional healthcare and lab testing simple. They are open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. Find the closest urgent care clinic near you for a blood test and medical attention without a long wait.

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