summer sports physical

Need a Summer Sports Physical? Stop by UrgentMED Today!

Posted On May 16th 2019 , General Health
summer sports physical

Temperatures are warming up and summer is almost here. The arrival of summer and another school year wrapping school up means the start of summer sports for young athletes. For others, it’s time to get a physical before heading to college. If you need a physical for summer sports, summer camp or college, look no further than UrgentMED.  Now with 17 convenient locations throughout southern California, we offer fast, professional service without a long wait.

Participating in Sports

About 45 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports each year. Whether your summer sports activities revolve around swimming, baseball, or another team activity, participating in sports during the summer likely requires the need for a summer sports physical. The walk-in clinics that make up UrgentMED can provide your child or teen with a complete exam to clear them for participation. Best of all, you do not need an appointment to see a doctor at one of our southern California locations.

Let’s Get Physical

At UrgentMED, we can provide any of your sports physical needs, whether it’s related to a summer camp program or participation in a school-related sports activity coming up in the fall. Sports physicals are usually required prior to your child’s participation in team sports activities. This is intended to rule out any pre-existing injuries that could be worsened and should be done prior to the start of a sports season.

summer sports physical Your College Physical

If a college physical is in your future, we’ve got you covered at one of our 17 walk-in clinic locations. Whether it’s for a sports physical or just a routine physical exam required prior to admission, our friendly and experienced general practitioners are typically available 7 days a week to provide for your medical needs. We also provide general school physicals for younger children of all ages. California law requires children entering the public school system to have a school physical. These examinations help assure that required immunizations have been provided to the child. 

Preparing for Summer Camp Sports Season

In addition to our sports and school physical services, we offer a plethora of other diagnostic services, including lab work, imaging services, and some non-emergency medical problems. We also provide pre-employment drug screening services in addition to normal services you would expect from any walk-in clinic. Other services also include various surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

At UrgentMED, our well-skilled and professional staffs are compassionate and understanding. Whether it’s preparing for the regular sports season or for participation in a summer camp, we pride ourselves on our convenience, efficiency, and cost. We maintain a clean, professional, and friendly environment.

summer sports physical With 17 convenient walk-in urgent care clinics throughout southern California, you can visit UrgentMED for a physical exam without a long wait. You don’t need an appointment. Whether it’s a weekday, weeknight, or weekend hours, you can find clinics ready to accommodate your schedule. Other services include various immunizations and vaccinations. Find the location nearest to you today.

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