covid-19 travel tips

COVID-19 Travel Tips: 4 Travel Tips to Avoid Catching COVID-19

Posted On Feb 20th 2021 , COVID-19
covid-19 travel tips

With the coronavirus pandemic at an all-time high in the United States, it’s important to know COVID-19 travel tips to keep yourself and others safe from the virus. The CDC has an excellent set of recommendations for measures to take when in public spaces. Additionally, it’s smart to be aware of whether or not an urgent care center walk-in clinic is nearby, especially when traveling. People are known to get sick while traveling, so knowing if a walk-in clinic is nearby, should you need one, is imperative.

Wear Your Mask

Before going outside to travel, make sure you’re wearing a face covering. Using clean hands, place them on your face securely. Your face mask should cover your nose and mouth to help protect other people, in case you’re infected with COVID-19 but don’t know it. A face covering is especially important if it’s challenging to practice social distancing while outside your household and traveling. This is one of the best COVID-19 travel tips to keep in mind.

Clean Your Mask

covid-19 travel tips

Another in a long list of COVID-19 travel tips is to be aware of the importance of cleaning your face mask. While traveling, you may have access to a washing machine. If you do, clean your face covering. Better yet, bring multiple masks with you so you always have a clean one at the ready. 

When taking your face covering off, you should make sure to only handle your mask by its ear loops or ties. Then, fold the corners together, and place your face mask in the washing machine so you can sanitize it. If you don’t keep your mask (or masks) clean, it could become ridden with harmful germs that get you sick and result in you having to visit a walk-in clinic.

Social Distancing

Another one of the best COVID-19 travel tips to adhere to is social distancing, which means staying at least six feet away from other people outside your home. It can be challenging to do this while traveling, but try your best to practice social distancing so you can avoid coming into contact with people who are sick. 

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands as often as you can, and make sure you do so for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. This is one of many essential COVID-19 travel tips to stick to. If soap and water are not available, which is usually the case while traveling, then use hand sanitizer. Many businesses and public spaces now have hand sanitizer available for people to use. When you see one, use it.

Visit an Urgent Care Center Today

covid-19 travel tips

You may have heard a lot in the news or from friends and family about urgent care centers. These walk-in clinics can be extremely useful, especially when traveling. Urgent care centers, like the numerous walk-in clinics in Southern California run by UrgentMED, are a wonderful resource.

UrgentMED has always revolved around a patient-centered approach in which patients are able to receive superior healthcare in a professional, efficient, and affordable manner. So, contact UrgentMED for all of your COVID-19 needs or visit any one of our many urgent care center locations in Southern California.

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