Broken Bone

Broken Bone? Take These 5 Steps Immediately

Posted On Nov 3rd 2021 , Bone Health
Broken Bone

Suffering from a broken bone can be extremely painful and you may be unsure of what to do in the case of an unexpected injury. Your first instinct may be to search for an X-ray near me. Although you will need to get an X-ray at some point, there are a few steps you will need to take beforehand.

Broken Bone

Get Medical Help

No matter how severe your injury is, you will need medical attention. If there is a major trauma such as a car accident or a fall from a building, you should call 911 immediately. In other situations, you may be able to go to an urgent care center that offers treatment by searching for x-ray near me online. Do not try to treat a broken bone on your own as this can lead to disfigurement or improper healing of the bone. Seek medical help first and foremost. 

Stop the Bleeding

There will more than likely be some bleeding when your bone breaks and it is important to try and stop it. If possible, apply a bandage and use gauze while awaiting medical help. You can risk infection by leaving an open wound uncovered and untreated. At the hospital or urgent care, they will irrigate the wound and prescribe antibiotics to help avoid infection. 

Immobilize the Bone

An important step when dealing with a broken bone is to make sure to immobilize the area. Moving the injured part of the body can cause the injury to worsen. A splint is preferable for support, however, may not be an option depending on where you are at the time of the injury. You can try and use what you have, even if that means using your own two hands. You must immobilize the body part, search for x-ray near me to properly assess the break and get a reliable splint. 

Ice and Elevation 

Broken bones can be agonizing and cause immediate swelling. You should ice the broken bone and remember to use a towel or other form of protection between the bone and the ice. Using a protective (and clean) cloth or towel will protect your skin while still preventing excessive amounts of swelling. You will also need to keep the broken bone elevated to prevent further swelling. Elevation and ice may be a routine in your treatment plan, which should be discussed with your doctor. 

Follow Up With Specialists

It is important to update your primary care physician and diligently follow all care instructions. You may need to get several x-rays throughout the healing process to ensure you are healing correctly and avoid permanent damage so you can get back to living your life. A commonly made mistake is skipping steps of their care instructions or stopping altogether the moment you feel better. Just because you feel better does not mean that you can stop or become careless with your treatment.

Broken Bone

Contact UrgentMed at a Location Throughout Los Angeles

You may need to have surgery after a broken bone or in less severe cases only wear a splint and use crutches for some time. The severity of your injury can only be diagnosed by getting medical treatment and finding an x-ray near me. If you think you may need to treat a broken bone or need an x-ray contact UrgentMed today to find the location nearest you. 

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