Wondering What to Ask Your Doctor if You’ve Been Injured at Work?

This is What You Should Ask Your Doctor if You've Been Injured at Work

You should seek medical attention as soon as you sustain any injuries at work. This is especially true if the injury is severe. If you are not seriously injured, you can always ask your employer whether the injury calls for a certain doctor, or if you can choose one on your own. Regardless, this is what you should ask your doctor if you’ve been injured at work.


What Type of Injury Do I Have?

In many cases, individuals who are hurt at the workplace tend to have minor injuries such as small scratches or perhaps even a coffee burn. However, when it comes to cases like breaking an ankle, or second-degree burns, it is important to learn exactly what type of injury you’ve sustained. This can help clarify matters such as symptoms to expect, the recommended course of treatment, and the next steps to take if you plan on filing a workers’ compensation claim.


How Much Time Off Do I Need?

The next thing you should ask your doctor if you’ve been injured at work is about time off. This may be a sensitive subject, but it is important that you learn how much time off work is needed to recover from your injury. Ask your medical professional about the healing period, what needs to occur during this time, and how much time off they suggest you should take. They should be able to determine how much recovery time you need depending on the injury, the severity, and other relevant factors.


What Medical Treatment is Best?

It is important that your medical professional provides you with the correct treatment for your injury. Make sure they do a full-body scan, and that you show them exactly where you are sensitive. This may help your doctor provide you with the right treatment, and ensure that you are healing properly. Also, some medications or treatments may be prescribed right away.

For example, if you have an injury that requires seeing a specialist for a more in-depth diagnosis, you will need to see other medical professionals to get the correct treatment. Make sure that you are honestly revealing all of the details and symptoms of your injury to your doctor, so that all information can be used to best treat you.

It is also vital to consider that many insurance companies that deal with workers’ compensation will try to control your medical treatment so it is most beneficial for them. If the insurance company tries to push your doctor around to adjust treatment, it may affect your case. This is why you should seek a credible and trustworthy doctor. This is something else you should ask your doctor if you’ve been injured at work.


Can I Have Copies of My Medical Records?

You never know when you might need them in the future, but it is always good to keep copies of medical records in your drawer. Whether you need them to file a workers’ compensation claim, or even a lawsuit, keeping track of your records can be beneficial.

Also, when it comes to future doctor appointments or potential surgeries your doctor will need your medical records to make sure they can initiate the procedures. It is better to be safe than sorry, so do not take the chance.

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