flu shot in Los Angeles

I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine. Do I Still Need a Flu Shot In Los Angeles?

Posted On Nov 8th 2021 , Flu Season
flu shot in Los Angeles

With so much chaos in our lives surrounding COVID, you may be confused as to what kind of vaccines you should be getting to protect yourself. A frequently asked question is whether you should get your flu shot in Los Angeles even after you have received your COVID-19 vaccine. Each vaccine is meant to focus on entirely different viruses. One is geared to protect against the flu and the other against COVID-19. This essentially means you will need both shots to be fully protected. 

flu shot in Los Angeles

Greater Risk for Flu

Due to lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing, flu season in 2020 was slower than usual. This has made many people comfortable with the idea that a flu shot in Los Angeles is unnecessary. Now that things are opening back up and our defenses are low, the 2021 flu season may be one of the worst ones to date. Our immune system builds protection based on exposure and the lack of exposure last year has resulted in lower immunity. 

Can You Get the Flu and Covid at the Same Time?

It is possible to get the flu and COVID at the same time. This can cause far greater symptoms than only having one virus. Your body becomes weakened by both illnesses and it may become difficult to treat them simultaneously. While some flu symptoms may coincide with COVID symptoms, the respective viruses and their vaccines must not be confused. Having both illnesses at once is more strenuous on your body, making it harder to fight them off. Together, symptoms may be worsened or last longer. Therefore, even if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, you should still get your flu shot in Los Angeles.

How Long Should You Wait in Between Shots?

There have been various reports regarding the length of time you should wait in between shots but as more information comes to light, you may not need to wait. Anyone who is 6 months or older can get the flu shot and anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC is currently suggesting getting your flu shot by the end of October to be protected, but anytime during flu season is sufficient. You can now get both vaccines at the same time, just ensure that they are done on different arms. This also applies to those who are eligible for the booster shot.

Do I Have Double Protection?

Having both vaccines does not mean that you are twice as protected as many people may believe. It means that getting the flu shot protects you from the flu and getting the COVID vaccine protects you from COVID. No vaccine is 100% and you can still get the flu or COVID-19 even after being vaccinated for both. Therefore, it is recommended to continue to use public safety measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing.

flu shot in Los Angeles

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