Urgent Care in Los Angeles

What is the Best Urgent Care in Los Angeles and Why?

Posted On Aug 11th 2021 , UrgentMed Services
Urgent Care in Los Angeles

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a primary care physician who will take the time necessary to evaluate your medical issues, answer your questions, and provide thorough explanations. As more and more people switch to urgent care in Los Angeles, it remains vital to figure out which one is the best in the region and to know where to visit when feeling sick or if you have suffered an injury. Before you think twice, let UrgentMED explain why we are the best option for urgent care in Los Angeles services.

We Accept Many Insurance Plans and Have Affordable Rates

Whether you have a PPO insurance plan, an HMO insurance plan, Medicare coverage, or no insurance at all, the urgent care centers in our network have many options for patients when it comes to covering their visit. Don’t worry about not being able to pay for your visit if you are uninsured. We have affordable rates for patients to receive the care they deserve at our urgent cares in Los Angeles.

Extended Hours for Care

Urgent care centers have become so popular in California and across the country because of the extended hours of operation. It can be challenging to get an appointment at a traditional doctor’s office because many close by 5 pm while most people work until 5 pm. That’s why we keep our urgent care centers open until 8 pm on weekdays and 5 pm on weekends. No injury or illness should have to wait for care because of a closed office or overrun emergency department waiting room.

Urgent Care in Los Angeles: Wide Range of Services

UrgentMED is the best option for urgent care in Los Angeles because of the range of services available. When you visit one of our urgent care centers, you can have any of the following performed:

  • Diagnostic testing (urine analysis, blood tests, x-rays, etc.)
  • Exams for school, work, and workers’ compensation
  • Surgeries (cyst drainage, lacerations, biopsies, wart removal, etc.)
  • Physical therapy
  • Breathing treatments, injections, vaccinations, foreign body removal
  • In-house pharmacy

Skilled Doctors and Nurses

You will receive the same level of care when visiting an UrgentMED facility as you would receive at your primary care physician’s office or the emergency room. However, it is essential to note that we will send you to the hospital if your condition warrants emergency treatment. Our doctors and nurses care about their patients and can treat anyone of any age in non-emergent and non-life-threatening situations. Do not delay care when injured or ill; rather, have your condition examined by our team today.

Urgent Care in Los Angeles

Schedule an Appointment or Walk-In at UrgentMED Now

You have two options when it comes to seeking urgent care Los Angeles services. They include scheduling an appointment or walking in to see a doctor. We understand that emergencies happen and can occur after regular business hours. That’s why our centers are open until 8 pm on weekdays and until 5 pm on weekends. 

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