Pre-Employment Clearance

Many companies require pre-employment clearance before you can start your job. It’s important to note that not all companies require this. Check with your employer to find out if you need a pre-employment physical. UrgentMED will work closely with your employer to make sure your pre-employment clearance is quick, and you can start work as soon as possible.

The most common type of clearance required is a pre-employment physical which includes a standard checkup, a physical exam, a back evaluation, x-rays, and a drug screening. This helps your employer make sure that your position is a good fit for your health.

What Happens During a Pre-Employment Physical?

Although it may sound daunting, pre-employment physicals aren’t all that different from your annual checkup. A medical professional will perform a number of routine tests, including:

  • Checking your vital signs (your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure)
  • Checking your pupils for signs of any neurological condition
  • Listening to your lungs with a stethoscope (via chest and back) to check for any respiratory issues
  • Palpating your abdomen to feel for irregularities
  • Performing a reflex test to gauge the health of your neuromuscular system

You will also have to fill out paperwork about your medical history. This includes a history of diseases in your family, information about any previous surgeries or medical procedures you’ve had, your allergies, your current medications, and any recent illnesses you’ve experienced.

While these tests are the most common – and make up a large part of your pre-employment physical – there are countless others that your employer may want to be performed. This largely depends on the type of position you’ll be in. For example, construction workers will likely have additional tests to make sure they’re in peak physical health. Government employees, or those working with children, will likely have additional tests to make sure they’re in peak mental health.

Additional Pre-Employment Clearance Tests

Depending on the type of job you’ve been offered, you may need other tests. Airline pilots and commercial truck drivers will often have a drug screening administered, while those in an office position will likely have their cholesterol tested.

UrgentMED can perform any additional pre-employment physical tests you may need. With multiple Southern California locations, our extensive team of medical professionals can take care of all your pre-employment needs.

Additional pre-employment clearance tests may include:

  • A Back Evaluation – This will test the health and strength of your spine and various back muscles (the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major and minor, etc.).
  • X-rays – This will make sure you don’t have any broken bones, fractured bones, or abnormal growths (such as a tumor).
  • Drug Screening – This will test for the presence of illegal drugs and may take the form of a urine test, a saliva test, or a hair test.
  • Blood Work – This varies, but typically includes a cholesterol test, a diabetes test, a Hepatitis screening (for Hepatitis A, B, and C), a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), and a CBC (complete blood count) which is used to help diagnose anemia and other conditions.

Men often receive a prostate cancer screening and a testicular exam. Women often receive a breast exam (which will sometimes require a mammogram).

Get Your Pre-Employment Clearance at UrgentMED

Now that you know what happens during a pre-employment physical, it’s time to get yours. Don’t wait to get working! Walk into any of our Southern California locations for efficient and expert care. Find the closest location to you and come in for your pre-employment physical today.

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