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Frequent Headaches? These 5 Factors Could Be To Blame

Posted On Feb 18th 2022 , General Health
walk-in clinic near me

Headaches can be a simple annoyance, or they can be absolutely debilitating. Some only last for a random few minutes and others appear like clockwork every day. While headaches are a common pain that most people experience from time to time, for some people, headaches are a frequent, daily occurrence that lasts for weeks and keeps them from living their lives to the fullest. When a person is experiencing frequent headaches, they may need to search for a walk-in clinic near me to seek treatment and find out if it is due to an underlying health issue. However, this is not always the case. Several lifestyle factors may lead to a person experiencing frequent headaches.

walk-in clinic near me

Skipping Meals

Many people underestimate how important it is to eat three meals a day. When a person skips a meal, their blood sugar levels drop. When blood sugar levels begin to drop, a person may start to experience symptoms of tension headaches. People may start to feel dull pain and pressure across their forehead, tension around their neck and shoulders, and the feeling of a tight band wrapped around their head. The longer a person waits to eat, the more intense these symptoms become.


Similarly, when a person has not consumed enough fluids for their body, they are at risk of becoming dehydrated and getting a headache. The brain temporarily contracts from fluid loss when a person experiences dehydration. As a result, the brain pulls away from the skull, causing a dehydration headache. During a dehydration headache, a person feels pain in the front, side, or back of the head. 

In some cases, the person can experience pain all over their head. It is an intense pain where it hurts even to move their head. Some other symptoms indicating a person is suffering from dehydration are reduced urination, dark-colored urine, dizziness, extreme thirst, fatigue, low blood pressure, and an increased heart rate. These may be signs a person should seek out a walk-in clinic near me so they can get fluids into their system immediately.

Eating Certain Foods

A majority of people make the mistake of thinking that eating anything after skipping a meal will help a headache go away. However, that is not the case. Certain foods play a role in causing migraine headaches. Foods like processed meats and leafy vegetables are high in nitrates, which are preservatives that can lead to migraines. Doctors believe that nitrates might expand the blood vessels in the brain, creating headache pain. A person suffering from these types of headaches may want to avoid certain foods.

High Levels of Stress

One of the primary reasons for frequent headaches involves stress. Whether a person is experiencing major personal issues or going through a tense time at work, the body reacts to stress in the same manner. When a person experiences stress, their neck and shoulders tighten, leading to compression that triggers headaches. Stress can also cause people to engage in other behaviors that can cause headaches, such as clenching jaws, eating less, or grinding teeth. On top of that, being stressed out may lead to people sleeping for fewer hours at night or suffering from insomnia, both of which are major risk factors for frequent headaches.

Alcohol Consumption

It is easy for everyone who overindulges in alcohol to blame their headaches on a large amount of alcohol. However, alcohol can cause frequent headaches without consuming large amounts. This is because certain alcoholic drinks like wine are high in nitrates and contain a chemical named ethanol. Ethanol is a chemical that can convert into another chemical that triggers migraines in a person’s body. It might be necessary to avoid certain types of alcohol in order to stop frequent headaches.

walk-in clinic near me

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