EKG test

“What Is an EKG Test?” and Other Important Diagnostic Test FAQs

Posted On Apr 10th 2018 , General Health
EKG test

EKG test is shorthand for electrocardiogram. Also sometimes referred to as an ECG, this noninvasive procedure provides vital information about your heart’s health and can provide vital information used to diagnose diseases, disorders, or unexpected failures in health. You may need this test if you are feeling any pain in your chest or have previous risk factors such as high blood pressure. A very common test, it is a quick and painless way – and sometimes the only way – to detect any abnormalities in your heart. In fact, an EKG measures electrical impulses generated by the heart, allowing for easy detection of:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart failure
  • An enlarged heart
  • Heart valve disease
  • Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
  • Heart attack and much more

How Does an Ekg Test Work?

Your heart produces electric waves that are measured using small electrodes. In fact, these are attached to the skin with adhesives. Don’t worry, these sensors don’t produce any electricity themselves so it’s absolutely painless. As a result, in as little as a few minutes, these impulses will be recorded as waves on graphs, giving your medical technician enough information for a diagnosis.

What is a PPD Test?

PPD stands for purified protein derivative and is used to detect tuberculosis, also commonly referred to as ‘TB’. UrgentMED offers a PPD shot that is injected just under the top layer of skin. However, you are considered ‘positive’ if a bump or swelling occurs after the shot has been administered. This is the skin test method as opposed to the blood test method (which is not recommended for small children). You can obtain bacterial infection test results within 48 to 72 hours.

We highly recommen this test for those who have:

  • Been in contact with someone with tuberculosis
  • Traveled from a country where TB is common
  • Worked in high-risk settings such as homeless shelters, nursing homes, or correctional facilities
  • Worked in healthcare

EKG test

Note, the tuberculosis PPD test is not a PPD vaccine. However less commonly administered within the United States, the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination is only given to children with continued exposure to adults with tuberculosis or health care workers that are frequently in contact with a large number of TB-positive patients. Before getting a tuberculosis vaccine, consult a TB expert on whether the vaccination is necessary.

What is a Rapid Antigen Test?

The rapid antigen test is a simple diagnostic doctors use to detect strep throat. This is a very simple procedure that involves swabbing the back of the throat to see if the strep-causing bacteria is present. Strep test results arrive very quickly, within 20 minutes a medical professional will be able to determine if a patient has the infection and provide the necessary information on what precautions must be taken if results are positive.

The rapid antigen test is often the preferred method to test for strep throat versus the traditional throat culture method. There is a much longer wait time for results even though they administer the throat culture in the same way as the R.A.T method.

Other Types of Diagnostic Tests

Along with  EKG testing, UrgentMED clinics provide these services along with many other vital diagnostic tests that you can have administered quickly and easily.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is a common requirement by employers. Urgent Med can perform drug tests quickly with in-house labs providing quicker clearance to work, often with same-day results.

STD Testing

No more waiting hours for STD results. Be sure to do regular tests for sexually transmitted diseases if you are sexually active.

EKG test

Laboratory Work

We equipped UrgentMED clinics around Southern California with laboratories in order to administer blood and urine tests. These can help determine medication levels, nutritional deficiencies, STDs, and whether you have potentially harmful conditions or disease, such as cancer, HIV, and influenza.


UrgentMED offers X-ray diagnostics at all of its facilities to check for bodily and structural damage. They can perform any scans from the neck down with their quick and convenient services.

Strep Throat

We properly equipped all of our urgent care facilities to diagnose and test for strep throat and mono, in the form of an antigen test.

No Appointment Needed

If you or a loved one have a health concern, feel free to visit any of  UrgentMED’s friendly and knowledgeable professionals (whether you need an EKG test or not) at any one of our walk-in clinics. Find the Urgent Med clinic closest to you; there are multiple facilities conveniently located in Southern California

UrgentMED accepts a wide range of insurance policies and offers affordable rates for uninsured patients. Diagnostic tests are crucial in detecting diseases and maintaining a positive quality of life. For diagnostic tests and more, visit the patient services page to see everything that Urgent Med offers. In fact, we accept a large range of insurances and guarantee affordable rates for individuals and families without insurance.

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