my cut require urgent care

Does My Cut Require Going to Urgent Care?

Posted On Apr 20th 2019 , General Health
my cut require urgent care

Does My Cut Require Going to Urgent Care?

Cuts come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps it was a fall off a bike, maybe due to a mishap while working in the kitchen, or was it from stepping on that broken glass on the beach? Everyone experiences a cut at one time or another. Things such as paper cuts don’t even bleed and are little more than an annoyance. Today, let’s talk about those more significant cuts that sometimes bleed a lot. The ones that lead you to ask, “Will a bandage do the trick, or does my cut require going to urgent care?”

Dealing with Cuts

my cut require urgent care Proper care for the wounds that we commonly refer to as cuts is dependent upon many factors regarding the cut itself. First, where is the cut located? If the cut is in a bendable area, such as the elbow or knee, it will be harder to heal naturally and may require stitches. Another factor to consider is the depth of the cut. If it is merely a minor scrape, it is likely to heal fine after cleaning and applying a bandage.

Deeper lacerations, however, may not close well and may need stitches to help the wound close and reduce bleeding. Typically, a manageable wound stops bleeding within a matter of minutes. If a wound still bleeds after 15 or 20 minutes, it likely needs stitches to close it properly, reducing further blood loss and the risk of infection.

What About a Laceration?

What many people refer to as a cut is often a laceration. Is there a difference? The short answer is “yes.” A cut is best defined as a simple injury, from a sharp-edged object. In contrast, a laceration, think of a more uneven wound that resulted from a fall or being hit with something. Of course, whether the wound may need stitches and should be looked at by urgent care is mostly dependent upon location, depth and bleeding, as noted above. While a clean cut may stitch up easier, classifying the wound as a cut or a laceration does little to indicate the need for stitches to the area.

Does My Cut Need Stitches?

my cut require urgent care Whether you are dealing with a cut or laceration, the decision on whether the wound needs stitches should best be left to the urgent care professional. A minor cut may heal fine on its own but prolonged bleeding may indicate a more significant problem. For instance, if you cut your finger on a piece of glass you might be unsure whether it needs professional care of not. However, only a physician can properly explore the extent of your injury, including whether you damaged the tendon. If that’s the case, it could mean a loss of function in that finger down the road.

Urgent Care at Urgent Med

If you suffer what appears to be a significant cut or laceration, the safest course of action is to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. At UrgentMED we pride ourselves on our convenience, efficiency and cost. With 17 convenient walk-in urgent care clinics throughout southern California, we offer fast professional service without a long wait. A cut or laceration can be serious business. Get the care you need when you need it.Visit the UrgentMED location nearest you today.

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